East Bay Marijuana Dispensary, Proper RX Collective Introduces NitroWax

San Leandro, California (EastBayDaily) — Established in 2010, Proper RX Collective is an East Bay marijuana dispensary that offers medical marijuana delivery services throughout the East Bay. And now, Proper RX announces the availability of its newest product, NitroWax.

"NitroWax is a solvent-free marijuana concentrate that is, to date, the purest product on the market," Erika McCartney of Proper RX Collective said. "It is free of chemicals, unlike most products in its category, and has one of the highest concentrations of THC."

Concentrates are often used for patients with severe pain and until now it has been near impossible to find a product strong enough to medicate these particular patients without the use of chemicals, such as butane. A new process of extracting THC with liquid nitrogen has resolved this issue, and Proper RX Collective is happy to be carrying the result, NitroWax, in its collection.

Oakland medical marijuana delivery, Proper RX Collective's mission is to get the best medication to patients. That is why Proper RX is constantly searching for medical marijuana products that are the cleanest and safest products available.

Proper RX Collective understands that many individuals in the immediate community need safe, reliable and affordable access to quality medical marijuana. The marijuana dispensary was created with its neighbors in mind. Proper RX medicine is always tested for mold and parasites, as well as potency, to guarantee quality and effectiveness.

Proper RX Collective also offers discounts to veterans, seniors and terminally ill patients. They work with medical marijuana doctors for cheaper recommendations and renewals. In addition to offering medical marijuana to verified patients and caregivers, they also sell apparel, natural drinks, topicals and waxes.

For more information about any of Proper RX Collective’s products or services, call 510-200-0989 or view the company on the web at http://www.properrx.com.

About Proper RX Collective

Proper RX Collective is a Berkeley marijuana dispensary that provides potent strains of medical marijuana, marijuana edibles, concentrates, waxes and more. Proper RX Collective also offers a medical marijuana delivery service throughout the East Bay for individuals unable to visit its collective.


Erika McCartney