East Bay Secure Document Shredding Company Announces They Now Offers a Guide on How the Shedding Process Works at Shred Works, Inc.

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — East Bay secure document shredding company, Shred Works offers both Plant Based (Off-Site) and Mobile (On-Site) Shredding. The certified drivers from Shred Works pick up the customer’s confidential materials from the provided locked containers, placing them in a large locking container.

With Off-Site Plant Based Shredding, they are then secured in a locked shredding company truck and taken to the plant to be double shredded by certified workers who have passed stringent background checks.

On-site Mobile Shredding offers the service of having confidential information shredded within minutes in a document shredding truck which is equipped with a camera and a video monitoring system. The material is then taken back to the plant to be shredded a second time.

With both on-site and off-site shredding services, the shredded materials are then baled and shipped to their paper mill for recycling. Shred Works has also provided the additional security measure of 16 video cameras strategically placed throughout the plant offering high-tech video surveillance.

Shred Works also offers a one-time shredding event called a “purge.” They will safely shred confidential documents on-site at the company or storage facility, or at their secure plant. Shred Works’ headquarters and plant facility are located at 455 High Street in Oakland. For more information, call 1-800-535-9379. Open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Their corporate offices are located at 1601 Bayshore Hwy Ste #211 in Burlingame. For more information, call 650-697-5070 or visit their website: http://www.shredworks.com.

About Shred Works

Shred Works was born from Recycling Works in 1993 when they purchased a large plant-based shredder, and installed a state-of-the-art video monitoring security system. Shred Works serves a wide range of clients including healthcare facilities, banks and credit unions, mortgage and title companies, lawyers, accountants, small businesses, and other organizations that need help shredding their confidential information. Shred Works in one of only two shredding companies in Northern California with the title of a Certified Green Company. They are also the first company in the area to “double shred,” and are the first and only shredding company to offer a Three Point Guarantee.


Kyle Taylor