East Bay’s HDR Remodeling Announces Tips to Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — HDR Remodeling is East Bay's authority for home remodeling and remodeling services. The company is giving some helpful tips for hiring a remodeling contractor.

"As with any budding relationship, establishing a positive rapport is key," explained HDR Remodeling's Philip Anderson. "When the chemistry is off between a client and a contractor then everyone suffers but when the chemistry is right, it's a matchless match."

The company offers four questions to ask:

1. Is upfront design, planning and permit work needed, or just the construction part of the project?

2. Does the client wish to select all of the fixtures and finishes or consult with someone on those decisions?

3. Does the client wish to manage the project or want a general contractor to coordinate and supervise the project?

4. What are the specialized skills needed to complete the job i.e., plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc.

Look for contractors that are licensed with the state, have no complaints filed within the last three years, and has worker's compensation and general liability insurance. If they use sub-contractors, they need to be licensed and insured as well. Contractors also should be in business for at least a decade and have a physical office.

"One of the most common mistakes in this process is letting 'price' overrule 'people' as the primary selection criteria," Anderson said. "Don't get me wrong, budget management is important but so is working with people that you respect and trust. Take the time to interview prospective candidates at your home and also at their place of business to get a clear understanding of how they work and the values by which they operate their company. If working with a gay-owned or gay-friendly company is important to you then check out Pink Spot and the San Francisco Bay Times for companies that cater to our community. Even the best working relationships have moments of tension and stress. Successfully working through these stressful moments is the best indication of a matchless match."

For more information about any of HDR Remodeling's services, call 510-984-3755 or visit the home remodeling company's website at http://www.hdrremodeling-eastbay.com. HDR Remodeling's office is located at 2952 Sacramento St. in Berkeley.

About HDR Remodeling

HDR Remodeling is dedicated to providing clients with personalized remodeling services to give them healthier and more beautiful living spaces at reasonable budgets. The company is certified with Build It Green as a remodeling contractor and has also been awarded "Green Check" by the Sierra Club Green Home Initiative. HDR Remodeling designs and transforms homes to improve the comfort of clients while integrating green building practices.


James Tibbs
HDR Remodeling