Eco Products Marketplace to Plant a Tree for Every Subscriber this Earth Day

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — This Earth Day Ecobold announces it will plant a tree for every new subscriber of its free video recommendation newsletter. Ecobold has recently launched its green marketplace where it makes it as easy as possible to buy and sell green products. founder, Steffany Boldrini, an advocate for eco, natural, organic, green, and safe products says: “We want to make it as easy as possible for people to understand what could be wrong with most conventional products through our short video reviews”. Eco products reviewed on Ecobold are always thoroughly researched and its key points mentioned on a very short eco review of the day, done by five different experts, from skincare, to a mom, to a food expert. “Our goal is to change the way that products are manufactured all over the world.” Steffany adds, “with so many toxic and harmful chemicals entering our homes through our shopping, they’re not only polluting our planet, but also our health.” Ecobold makes it easy for consumers to learn about and purchase the the best products through its featured item of the day.

Today you can browse through hundreds of products, from organic food to reusable bags and reusable mugs to BPA-free food containers and even wool dryer balls. Ecobold wants all conventional products to be green and safe in the near future.

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About Ecobold: is a place for people to find fun videos of cool green products at an affordable price. Ecobold CEO, Steffany Boldrini, was born and raised in a small ranch in Brazil, her mom raised her and her 2 sisters under true “eco” and “green” standards. As kids they were always eating fresh fruits, recycling, composting, playing in the mud and picking up trash around the forest that was left behind by others. But not everything was always green in her mind, one of the things she always wanted was to live in the city and have a doorbell and a house number just like all her school friends! Today she understands that her childhood has prepared her to help in bringing global awareness towards taking care of our environment. She is a huge advocate for creating new manufacturing standards for products that should never harm our planet or our health.


Jennifer Harris