Ecobold, The “Amazon” of Organic and Natural Products Marketplace Hits 2,000 Products Two Months After Launching

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Ecobold launched its marketplace over two months ago, it helps buyers and sellers of organic, natural, non-toxic, sustainable or green products meet in one place. Since launching, Ecobold has attracted over 80 sellers with over 2,000 products in several categories: from home, to food, and even kids products.

Ecobold has a low referral fee, allowing sellers to offer a discount or free shipping in its products and buyers to be able to afford them.

“At Ecobold we want every seller to succeed and grow as fast as possible, we help them by highlighting one seller a day with a large discount on its products, this gives sellers exposure to our subscribers, and to our several social networking sites” Ecobold’s founder says. The highlighted product of the day also helps buyers buy these products at a low price. “As much as we want sellers to succeed, we want buyers to easily try these products, learn and understand the differences between conventional products versus the items available at Ecobold” she adds. A research done by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has shown that newborns had an average of 237 toxic chemicals in their umbilical cord. Ecobold aims at helping lower this number by bringing awareness to better products.

Ecobold will also be introducing a weekly update in its front page highlighting the previous week’s best seller as well as most popular blogs and interviews with sellers. Buyers can also shop by what’s important to them just by clicking on a tag on a product page. Every item on the site must meet a minimum criteria, be it: organic, vegan, recycled, fair trade, biodegradable, natural, non-toxic or recyclable.

The natural marketplace is now live, if you’re a seller interested to start selling go here: To become a member and receive Ecobold’s latest finds and deals, join the community here:

About Ecobold: Ecobold is a green marketplace that makes it easy to both buy and sell products that keep you, your family, and the earth healthy. Ecobold’s mission is simple: to drive an increase in the consumption of safe products over non-safe ones.


Jennifer Harris