Ecobold: The Farmer’s Market of Natural Product

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Ecobold recently launched a marketplace for buyers and sellers of organic, natural, non-toxic and sustainable products. It aims at giving consumers many choices to such products at a very affordable price.

“Because of our low referral fees, sellers are able to give a discount or free shipping on their products”, Ecobold’s founder says. “This helps consumers across most economic levels to be able to afford them, and we want everyone to have great products inside their homes”, she adds. Ecobold is also unique in which buyers can shop by what is important to them, be it organic products, biodegradable, or things made out of recycled materials such as a shirt made out of water bottles.

Ecobold currently offers over 2,000 products from over 80 sellers across the United States and Canada. Products range from organic beauty and hair products to biodegradable or recycled kitchen items, to organic health bars and even wool dryer balls, one of its most popular and best seller items.

Ecobold highlights one product a day in its front page with a video review and/or a large discount, the goal is to educate consumers on products that they use on a day to day basis, from talking about aluminum being added on deodorants (and its alternative: a Himalayan salt deodorant) to teaching people how to compost. It also interviews manufacturers, letting them explain what are some ingredients consumers should watch out for in products across all categories.

The marketplace is now live, if you’re a seller interested to start selling go here: To become a member and receive Ecobold’s latest finds, join their community here:

About Ecobold: Ecobold is a green marketplace that makes it easy to both buy and sell products that keep you, your family, and the earth healthy. Ecobold’s mission is simple: to drive an increase in the consumption of safe products over non-safe ones. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Ecobold was founded by Steffany Boldrini and is a graduate of the Silicon Valley Founder Institute.


Jennifer Harris