Announces Tuition Won’t Stop Me Scholarship Winner

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Wilhelmina Witt, a Tabor College junior, was awarded the $2496.50 Tuition Won’t Stop Me Scholarship to advance her career in environmental biology.

Applicants were asked to describe their biggest dream and how they would use education to make it come true. Wilhelmina’s winning answer was, “I aspire to become a leader on the frontier of sustainable farming. Farmers grow the majority of the world’s food, so it is extremely important that farmland and related ecosystems are cared for responsibly. Environmental biology, my chosen field of study, is all about the stewardship of these and other natural resources. Additionally, my involvements in campus life are an extension of my formal education; they help me cultivate the leadership and organizational skills needed to achieve this goal.”

Wilhelmina will use the $2496.50 to help her finish up her last few semesters of college. “I had a goal when I started out college that I did not want to go into debt. I’d saved up a lot of money, but because it’s coming close to my senior year, I’m going to be out of money in the next couple of months. This scholarship really came just at the right time to pay for the last couple of semesters.”

The Tuition Won’t Stop Me Scholarship grew from learning that’s readers, many of whom are college students, are struggling to cover the huge price tag of higher education. Students often face hard choices about where they attend school, how many classes they take and whether or not to purchase textbooks. The scholarship started at $1,000 and was raised $0.50 for each additional like to’s Facebook page during a 2-month period.

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Lia Freitas