Egnyte Introduces Online File Server for Netbooks : Egnyte Customizes Its File Server Solution for Netbooks to Enable Office on the Go

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — The global economic slowdown is requiring businesses to cut back on expenditures, with many small businesses moving away from physical offices to complete mobile work environments. Netbooks are becoming attractive alternatives to traditional notebooks due to their attractive pricing model and convenience. With Egnyte, netbooks become notebooks by delivering business-class storage functionality. By mapping the File Server as a drive, Egnyte allows users fast and secure access to data, easily. There is no new interface to learn.

“Right now, netbooks are currently seen as underpowered notebooks used primarily for surfing the web and emailing, but they have much greater potential,” said Rob Enderle, Principal Analyst for the Enderle Group. “As solution providers like Egnyte deliver added functionality such as on-demand and unlimited online storage, the netbook has the ability to evolve into a vital business tool for mobile workers across numerous industries.”

The market for netbooks is growing fast, rising from a million units in 2007 to industry forecasts of over 50 million by 2010. The products are attractive for emerging markets where they help provide Internet access to the largest number of users, and to highly developed markets where they are seen as mobile tools or a second PC.

Egnyte is a software-as-a-service cloud storage application, providing the only single, integrated, on-demand solution to the three most common technology challenges facing every small business: data storage, information sharing, and computer back-up. The Egnyte solution eliminates the need for file-server hardware, storing users’ files on secure, always-available servers connected to the Internet.

“With mobile business on the rise, netbooks are only going to get more attractive due to their low price point and portability,” said Vineet K. Jain, CEO of Egnyte. “However, to combat storage challenges, turning to an online or virtual storage provider like Egnyte makes sense. And, for only $15 per month per user, it is an attractive value proposition, particularly for small businesses or mobile users who want the benefits of a big company solution.”

The Egnyte netbook server solution provides a number of specific features for file storage and document collaboration. These include:

Configurable Shared Folders. Create folders to store and share files within and outside your company. Control permissions on folders (e.g. read only, read/write). Access as a Drive. Access Egnyte as folders on your computer. Drag and drop files easily. No Download or Upload Limits. Download or upload as much data as required. No daily or monthly restrictions. There are no file size limits either. Tight Privacy Controls. Share with multiple customers or suppliers. One party cannot see another’s folders or files. Highly Secure. Manage accounts and permissions. All access to Egnyte is fully encrypted. Servers hosted at a SAS-70 compliant, highly secure facility. Egnyte provides secure and ubiquitous access to files without the security risk of having the files stored on a single computer. The cloud based Egnyte File Server ensures that no one can gain unauthorized access to data. Because the files reside on the virtual drive, if a computer is lost or stolen the data remains secure.

About Egnyte

Egnyte is a leading provider of on-demand file server solutions for small businesses and professionals. Egnyte was founded in 2006 and is privately financed. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For more information, please visit or call 1-877-7EGNYTE.


Carolyn Adams