Elluminate VCS™ 2.0 Delivers Affordable, High-quality, Multipoint Video Collaboration for Desktop Users

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Elluminate, Inc., the leader in video, audio, web, and social networking solutions that support 21st century teaching, learning, and collaboration, announced today the continued growth in adoption of Elluminate VCS™ 2.0, the latest version of the company’s affordable, high-quality, multipoint video collaboration solution.     Elluminate will be demonstrating Elluminate VCS at EDUCAUSE 2009 in Denver on November 3-6. Attendees can schedule private demo appointments by emailing rsvp@elluminate.com or visiting Elluminate booth #900.

    Customer applications of Elluminate VCS include:     Integrating the video collaboration product into existing H.323 videoconferencing network to provide a broader range of options for student course content and professional development

    Providing training to local government employees and provide distance learning for several community colleges and telemedicine plans

    Facilitating the connection of schools to museums for remote visits and academic activities

    Connecting MBA distance learning students from remote locations for group projects, enabling them to work together in an environment comparable to face to face

    Holding doctoral dissertation reviews with participants in remote locations as well as faculty meetings, professional development training, and ad hoc team meetings

    Extending the number of endpoints for point-to-point and multipoint calls without adding additional H.323 videoconferencing rooms

    Providing internal, controlled instant messaging client with video

    Producing one-act play that will be viewed live to three theatres simultaneously.

    First launched in April of 2009, Elluminate VCS was developed to address the challenges of existing videoconferencing products, such as exorbitant costs, limited scalability, significant hardware requirements, ongoing reliance on IT support, and the inability to invite remote users on an ad-hoc basis.

    The product enables academic institutions, corporations, and other organizations to leverage their significant investments in legacy videoconferencing infrastructure by including desktop PCs, while increasing ROI through low-cost integration and endpoint extension.

    Elluminate VCS extends video endpoints to reach more participants in a significantly more convenient and cost-effective way, adding an interactive collaborative environment that includes intuitive presence awareness, session scheduling, and management tools.

    Easy to deploy and use, the product supports real-time interaction and collaboration with features such as chat, object-oriented whiteboard, application and desktop sharing, file transfer, and document presentation and sharing.

    Primarily a software solution, Elluminate VCS requires a customer premise equipment (CPE) server. Elluminate VCS clients operate exceptionally well on network speeds less than typical DSL connections and the system can interoperate with existing legacy H.323 infrastructure.

Supporting Product Information:

    Elluminate VCS 2.0 provides:     High-resolution, high-frame-rate, multipoint video collaboration     Dramatic cost savings over traditional videoconferencing     Interoperability with legacy H.323 videoconferencing     Up to 25 endpoints in a session, with moderator control of 6 video slots     Unified, task-oriented “MS Office-style” tabbed user interface designed for education and training     Session interaction tools put moderator in control     Telephone dial-in to sessions using third-party SIP origination service     Web 2.0-style portal for session scheduling and management     Powerful, multi-user data collaboration tools     Low-bandwidth requirements and minimal processor demands     Scalability to thousands of endpoints and hundreds of multipoint ports     Presence client for ad hoc invitations and instant messaging     Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) server

Quotes for Attribution:

“The latest Elluminate VCS release is exactly what we’ve been waiting for. High-quality video to the desktop with up to 25 sites in a session will allow a complete cohort of learners to work together in real-time in various areas across our region. The floating user license and the ability to interoperate with our existing H.323 investments really add the icing to the cake. The applications are across the board–workforce education, graduate programs, K-16 partnerships–you name it!” Mickey Slimp, Executive Director, NETnet

“Elluminate VCS helps our customers leverage their legacy videoconferencing by offering an affordable solution that extends their investment to the desktop and adds powerful interactive and collaborative tools. It enables academic institutions and other organizations to make the transition from videoconferencing designed for business users to video collaboration designed specifically for educators and trainers. With Elluminate VCS 2.0, you can reach an even wider audience with an enhanced user interface, telephone dial in for mobile users, and support for more connections in a single session.” Maurice Heiblum, President, Elluminate, Inc.

Supporting Resources:     Brochure: Elluminate VCS     Videos: Elluminate VCS     Recording: Elluminate VCS webinar


Jennifer Avrhami