Energy Efficient LED Lighting Will Provide Huge Energy Savings for Fremont Businesses and Help Stem Climate Change – And They Won’t Cost You Anything

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Nularis LED Lighting announced this week that it has brought free, energy-saving LED lighting products to businesses currently using inefficient halogen or incandescent lights, and that are located in Fremont.

LED lights can save a business as much as 80 percent of what it currently pays for electricity to light its premises. LED lights are also good for the environment. The energy savings also mean a significant drop in carbon emissions from electricity production, an important step in the fight against climate change.

Nularis LED Lighting is able to provide the lights at no-cost thanks to energy efficiency rebate programs from Pacific Gas and Electric, the local electric utility company. These rebates are intended to encourage businesses to adopt the environmentally friendly lights as quickly as possible.

Fremont businesses won’t be the first to receive energy efficient lights. Many companies–such as The Four Seasons hotel, and Pebble Beach Resorts–are already saving money by using Nularis LED lights.

But it’s about more than just cutting electric bills, says Charles Falconer, the LED Energy Efficiency manager at Nularis LED Lighting. “Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for businesses in Fremont to stem climate change, as well as save money.”

Falconer noted that all Nularis LED lights come with a five-year warranty, guaranteeing the customer at least five years of energy savings, all at no cost. The long lifespan of the LED is another reason LEDs have been embraced by environmentalists as better for the planet.

If you have a business that is powered by Pacific Gas and Electric and currently uses incandescent or halogen lights, Nularis invites you to contact its team of lighting experts to learn more, or visit and enter your Fremont zip code for details of the free LED offer.


Kyle Schee