eTouch SamePage Integrates Wiki for Knowledge Management at Dice Corp.

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — eTouch SamePage, a dynamic enterprise wiki, today announced it has been selected by Dice Corporation, which develops large-scale software automation for the security and alarm industries, to integrate its wiki as knowledge management software for Dice customers and employees.

Dice’s documentation department will develop the web-based wiki that contains help documents with supplementary video and content to aid customers. Subject matter experts wtihin DiceCorp will also use SamePage internally for document creation, document management and editing. Through the blogs and other features of SamePage, DICE staff and customers will also be able to share ideas and best practices.

“Dice Corporation’s core business is to provide complex software systems,” said Clifford Dice, president of Dice Corp. “In doing so, we require advanced training tools and a documentation management system that can deliver knowledge and information to our clients when they require it. We chose Same Page’s system because of its intuitive presentation of information and its rapid processing and delivery of our documentation and video training tools.”

SamePage is an enterprise-class wiki that is intuitive, simple to use and meets IT department requirements for security and features. It integrates seamlessly with organizations’ databases and authentication systems and has powerful administration features. Users receive fast, personal service and support from eTouch SamePage’s professional services team. SamePage is deployed within leading SMBs and global enterprises to capture, disseminate and locate information and harness the collective knowledge, insights and creativity of the entire organization.

DICE Corporation is a custom software development company for the security and alarm industries, who develops products for: home, business, government, and defense installations worldwide. For more information, visit

About eTouch SamePage: SamePage is a product of eTouch Systems, a leading provider of enterprise-class wiki solutions and consulting services that leverage technology solutions and help organizations share their collective knowledge, insights and creativity. SamePage is a scalable and dynamic wiki that enables its users to improve collaboration, save money and streamline decision making in a secure, well-supported environment. SamePage is used by medium and large enterprises around the world, including Alcatel-Lucent, NASA, Citrix, Hestia, Teradyne, Siemens, NY State Unified Court System and ADP, as well as by strategic partners, such as Cisco/WebEx. For more information, visit


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