Excellent Packaging & Supply Adds Bridge-Gate Serving Ware and Containers to Its Range of Compostable Foodservice Solutions

Richmond, California (EastBayDaily) — Excellent Packaging & Supply, an innovator and wholesale distributor of sustainable, biodegradable, and nature-based packaging for foodservice and other applications, has added the complete range of Bridge-Gate compostable serving ware and take-out packaging made from 100 percent renewable resources to its extensive selection of products available through its BioMass Packaging® division (http://www.biomasspackaging.com). Excellent Packaging now carries Bridge-Gate plates, bowls, clamshells and hinged containers, trays, platters and lids — all of which are made entirely from renewable, organic, GMO-free agricultural wheat fibers that are a natural by-product of crop harvests and certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI).

“Consumers and foodservice businesses are looking for ways to eliminate the use of polystyrene foam for take-out containers and disposable dinnerware, and we’re delighted to partner with Bridge-Gate to offer a wide range of versatile solutions that address this growing need,” said Allen King, president of Excellent Packaging & Supply. “All of our customers who use the Bridge-Gate line of natural products tell us that they prefer it to whatever they were using before. And, so do their customers.”

The Bridge-Gate range of sustainable, disposable serviceware products is designed to disintegrate and biodegrade swiftly and safely in both a backyard compost pile and a professionally managed composting facility. All the Bridge-Gate products offered by Excellent Packaging are made in factories that are ISO 14001- and ISO 9001-certified, and are of a consistently high quality. To further reduce the carbon footprint of the Bridge-Gate range, each product is designed to fit into the smallest carton possible. The shipping cartons themselves are also designed with maximum efficiencies in mind; smaller cartons means more cartons can be loaded onto the truck, which means less fuel used and fewer carbon emissions.

Bridge-Gate wheat-based foodservice products offer caterers and foodservice operators a number of distinct benefits that appeal to conservation-minded consumers:     Increased durability and resistance to moisture and oils     Can be used with hot and cold foods     Microwaveable     Certified as 100 percent bio-based     Made from wheat that is GMO-free     Chemical- and bleach-free     Backyard-compostable

To learn more about the range of Bridge-Gate products offered by Excellent Packaging, visit the Bridge-Gate page on BioMassPackaging.com. Volume pricing is available, for details call (800) 317-2737.

Excellent Packaging works with a wide variety of companies and organizations to research, source and deliver custom bio-based and traditional packaging and foodservice products that enable companies to integrate sustainable foodservice solutions into their business. To find out how our team can help you with better solutions for foodservice and other applications, contact us.

About Excellent Packaging & Supply Excellent Packaging & Supply (http://www.excellentpackaging.com) is a wholesale distribution company that specializes in nature-based packaging for foodservice and other applications. The company’s range of environmentally sustainable packaging includes compostable, biodegradable and recyclable product lines, as well as traditional packaging solutions. Excellent Packaging & Supply brings decades of experience to assist its customers with and inventory-control services, product development, sourcing, quality control, and price negotiation. The company markets sustainable foodservice packaging solutions for business, restaurant and home through its BioMass Packaging® division (http://www.biomasspackaging.com). Follow us on Facebook (BioMassPackaging) and Twitter (@BioMassPackage).


Tim Cox
Excellent Packaging & Supply