Exciting Things are Happening at Hair Barrettes Wholesale This Week

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Hair Barrettes Wholesale has introduced a more user-friendly layout of its website. The new three column layout allows for bigger and clearer images of the hair accessory products, creating an overall enhanced experience for the busy shopper.

Retailers looking for barrettes should definitely browse the new arrivals in the redesigned barrette category. Gorgeous flower medallion barrettes, at only $8 a dozen, feature assorted colors including red, blue, multicolor, aqua, and purple. Intricate and beautiful barrettes feature a stunning design in vibrant colors, priced also at $8 a dozen. In addition, the claw and jaw clip category has many new arrivals this week at excellent wholesale pricing: a large attractive jaw clip at $15 a dozen; mini jaw clips in crystal white color at $5 a dozen; popular banana clips in jet black, hematite, and crystal clear acrylic stones at $8.50 a dozen.

In addition to the new arrivals in the barrette and claw clips categories, the headband section has added new arrivals as well. New headbands, in the design of bursts of vibrant color, fit well with the festive upcoming season.

For retailers in the bridal market, the beautifully designed bridal combs feature sophisticated, nature inspired designs, with sprigs of leaves and flowers that appear in a traditional white with shining silver trim. The visually stunning combs also feature rhinestones, and will look amazing at upcoming winter weddings. Shop owners who focus on eager brides-to-be can add these combs to their inventory at only $24 a dozen. For a more casual yet still sophisticated option, customers can purchase the beautiful butterfly hair stick, with a snow white butterfly and silver rim, and the easy to insert hairstick simply slides into the hair at the base of a bun. These butterfly hair sticks are the perfect choice for bridesmaids for a coordinated look. At $6.00 per dozen, they’re an excellent and elegant pick for wholesale shoppers.

For wholesale shoppers who do not want to buy dozen packs, can visit Bella Fashion Wholesale, which offers shoppers wholesale pricing and the option to buy single unit or dozen packs. Bella Fashion Wholesale sets minimum order amount at $30, and offers free shipping on orders $60 or more.

Not a wholesale shopper, but in love with the Bella Fashion family of stylish and well-priced hair accessories and jewelry? Bella Fashion Jewelry is the perfect place for these shoppers. The company’s popular retail site offers unique, quality products at everyday discounted retail pricing. Bella Fashion Jewelry has no minimum order requirement, and offers free shipping on orders of $30 or more.

About Hair Barrettes Wholesale Bella Fashion Jewelry is a leading provider of fashion jewelry and fashion accessories to help customers stay up to date with the latest fashion trends at affordable prices. Bella Fashion Jewelry has been in the business of fashion jewelry and accessories for over 21 years, and has just launched its new wholesale subsidiary, Hair Barrettes Wholesale. Bella Fashion Jewelry, owned and operated out of Hayward, California, now operates at three levels: at retail site, bellafashionjewelry.com, no minimum order amount is set, and pricing is at everyday discounted retail pricing. Free shipping is offered for orders of $30 or more. At bellafashionwholesale.com, 1st and 2nd tier of wholesale pricing are offered, minimum order amount is set at $30, and shoppers are allowed to buy 1 each of each style or color with free shipping for orders of $60 or more. At its newly launched wholesale site, hairbarretteswholesale.com, minimum order amount is set at $45. Products at hairbarretteswholesale.com are dozen packed, and pricing is at 3rd tier wholesale pricing which competes with buying direct from China factories.


Hilda Wong
Bella Fashion Jewelry Inc