Explosive Growth in Portable Storage Devices leads to Major Concerns over Data Security

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Yet another headline story today confirmed the loss of enormous amounts of un-encrypted confidential data due to the loss of a computer memory stick (4). Government data loss and data leakages related to lost or stolen computer memory sticks are now commonplace with the latest incident being described as a ‘massive failure’ (4), this case and many other similar incidents present ‘systemic failures’ (5), as organizations fail to recognize the risks surrounding portable data storage.

With over 250 million USB flash drives sold in the last three years (1), electronic data is on the move. But despite the convenience of portable data storage, such devices pose a fundamental security threat to organizations and individuals.

The Identity Theft Resource Centre have reported that so far in 2008, data on the move (laptops, thumb drives, PDA’s etc) accounts for 20.2% of data exposures, leading to data theft (2). In 2007 nearly half of all cases were related to missing or stolen devices (2). Despite these statistics, the European Network and Information Security Agency stated that the security of USB sticks is often neglected under organizational policies, with severe lack in security controls (3) due to the complexities of encrypting portable data. So potentially sensitive information is being left unsecured upon such devices, which can easily be lost, stolen or compromised.

Security specialists at DriveSentry have today announced the imminent release of their revolutionary removable device protection. Combining drag and drop portable 256-bit AES encryption and standalone next generation antivirus protection, ‘DriveSentry GoAnywhere’ provides a simple, cost effective, portable security solution for all removable devices including USB memory sticks.

With powerful encryption technology, DriveSentry GoAnywhere provides an effortless approach to securing your identity, your privacy, and your data. Top secret level 256-bit AES technology allows users to encrypt data on both their GoAnywhere device and any Microsoft Windows host system, leaving encrypted files locked, even if the PC or removable device is lost or stolen. DriveSentry GoAnywhere also uniquely provides standalone antivirus protection, pre configured to protect all portable data from viruses and malicious infection, no matter what PC the device is connected to.

John Safa, CTO at DriveSentry commented, ‘any removable USB device can be turned in to a secure storage device by installing DriveSentry GoAnywhere. So there will soon be no more excuses’.

About DriveSentry Inc. DriveSentry is a pioneer in next generation security 2.0 antivirus software for hard drives that protect digital assets and personal data. The company was founded in 2005 with a mission to provide zero-day protection against new and emerging security threats. DriveSentry was recently commended for its innovative approach to IT security, after receiving a medal in the Information Security and Data Management Project Award category at the 2007 BCS IT Industry Awards. DriveSentry has received the accolade of Checkmark Certification, the world’s fastest growing certification system for information security products and services. Checkmark Certification is awarded following an independent assessment of the performance of security software carried out by the West Coast Labs Technology Forum, a group of senior IT security professionals from major corporate organizations around the world.

DriveSentry is a privately held company with offices in Mountain View, California and Nottingham, England. Further information can be found at http://www.drivesentry.com.

Security Expert John Safa, CTO of DriveSentry is available for comment on this story.

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Mike Quinn