Ex’pression College Adds Vintage Yamaha C7 Piano to its Studio Facilities

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Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — Ex’pression College, a digital arts college with campuses in Emeryville and San Jose, CA, has added a 1980 Yamaha C7 7’6” piano to its large SSL 9000J tracking studio. The C7 will be used to teach piano recording techniques for Ex’pression’s Sound Arts students.

“The C7 is famous among recording artists in multiple genres for its defined attack and taut bass register,” says Ex’pression’s Associate Program Director for the Sound Arts degree program Scott Theakston. “We’re all very excited to hear the work that our students will produce with it.”

The C7 was featured on the debut album by San Francisco-based “romantic impressionistic pop” band Animal Party. The band’s leader, James Daly, used the piano extensively while tracking four songs with producer Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, John Lennon, Cheap Trick, Supertramp, Slash’s Snakepit), who also teaches a class in studio etiquette at Ex’pression. Daly said that the C7 “had great response and was very easy to get comfortable with, unlike a lot of grands that I play.”

Theakston believes that acquisition of the C7 is “the final piece of the puzzle we needed to complete our fantastic studio.”

“At last we have a piano that matches the high caliber of the architecture and electronics in this space,” says Theakston. “With John Storyk’s room designs and variable acoustics; the fantastic 64-imput SSL 9000J console; Meyer X-10 surround mains; 48-input Pro Tools 11 HDX and Studer A827 24-track recorders that are connected with CLASP technology and Lynx Aurora converters; excellent outboard and microphone options; and now this lovely piano – we really have created one of the Bay Area’s finest recording destinations.”

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