Facebook’s Messy Privacy Controls Confuse People: Story of My Life Reasserts Commitment to User Control

Pleasant Hill, California (EastBayDaily) — As privacy remains a moving target under Facebook’s shifting privacy policies, the changing rules are worrying people about “over-sharing” on the internet. As the companies that host social networks morph into bigger companies worried more about revenue and bottom lines, the consumer often gets lost in the shuffle in this move towards profitability. Story of My Life offers an alternative for users who want to fully control what their digital imprint will be, both now and as their digital legacy forever.

“People are starting to understand that over-sharing on the internet may not be a wise thing for one’s career or one’s personal life. We ask people to think about it even longer term – what will your online digital legacy leave behind? Do you really want your future ancestors seeing your drunken fraternity party pictures, complaints about your boss, or gossip about people in your social circles?” says Patrick Tardif, CEO and co-founder of StoryOfMyLife.com.

Story of My Life can best be described as a social site for internet users who are more interested in posting their own stories, pictures, videos and important documents, and are looking for a place to take the best of what they create online and preserve it with full control over how the content is shared. Story of My Life has settings that allow for public postings, limited access (only members who are invited can view content), and most importantly, a time capsule for putting content such as stories, blog posts, pictures, videos etc. into a digitally locked and encrypted vault to be released at a future date.

“People shouldn’t have to guess what is public about themselves and what is not, nor be worried that privacy policies will change on a company’s whim,” points out Tardif. “Any site should be very clear whether what you’re putting online will be public or private, and not monetize off of people’s confusion.”

StoryOfMyLife and its non-profit Foundation have built interactive time capsules that capture history as it is being told and remembered. Stories from the past, thoughts on current day happenings, and hopes and dreams about the future are all recorded, building a dossier for each person about who they were, who they are, and who they hope to become.

Tardif advises, “Start small, add to your stories whenever you feel like it. This is not an ‘end game’ – it’s an on-going, interactive profile of everyone. This is the ‘storyopedia’ of life stories, controlled by you. We respect your right to privacy and are sensitive to how words can impact others. With that you can keep your content private until you’re ready to share it.”

Read great Stories and more about Story of My Life online: http://www.storyofmylife.com Find out about Story of My Life’s Foundation keeps theses stories forever: http://www.storyofmylife.foundation.org

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About Story of My Life (Eravita, Inc.) Eravita, Inc. was formed in 2006 to build and house the Story of My Life website, partner with the non-profit Story of My Life Foundation which is entrusted with funds to maintain and assure continued access to people’s Stories in perpetuity, and to offer additional services and programs to help people write their Stories, and enrich them using modern multi-media such as pictures, video, audio files and more. To date Story of My Life has over half a million life stories archived.

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