Fast Industries - The Next Big Kickstarter Success?

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Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Following the success of their individual design firms, California-based entrepreneurs Ryan Brownlow and Paul Rodriguez have launched a new brand, Fast Industries Inc. ( with a hot concept – premium designed apparel at wholesale prices. The company is getting started with help from crowdsourcing through Kickstarter.

To date, Kickstarter has successfully funded over 48,000 projects totaling $772 million. Fast Industries is hoping to be the next company to take their concept to the next level. "We are confident that we have a great product, and the Fast Industries Kickstarter project page reflects our passion and experience," says Rodriguez. He continues, "As a designer, you really just hope people love the designs."

What sets Fast Industries apart is the focus on quality materials. "Quality is our focus. Period," says Brownlow. "We've launched the business, made dozens of designs, and we are now ready to start our initial phase of production. We are relying on help from crowdsourcing on for funding to launch our brand."

The Fast Industries Kickstarter page is set to launch Thursday, September 6th. Visit the Fast Industries Kickstarter page to learn more about the project and the founders.


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