Financial Advisor Pat Vitucci to Conduct Financial Seminars in East Bay KSFO Radio Host Brian Sussman to Co-Host Retirement Planning Financial Events

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — Pat Vitucci, a Bay Area Independent Financial Advisor, will be hosting two special financial seminars in the East Bay Thursday, May 8, 2014.

A noon luncheon will be held at The Nines Restaurant in Brentwood followed by a 6:30pm event with appetizers served at the Renaissance ClubSport in Walnut Creek.

Co-hosting the event will be KSFO radio personality Brian Sussman. Brian has hosted his own morning drive time talk show on KSFO in San Francisco for several years.

"This event will focus on whether or not your retirement plan is in good shape…or not so good shape," said Vitucci. "Everyday people talk to me about their anxieties regarding retirement. At Vitucci & Associates, our goal is to help people have a healthy plan for 2014 and beyond.

We provide these financial seminars on a no cost, no obligation basis and they are open to the public at various locations throughout the Bay Area during the year, To find out about any of our locations and dates for any of our seminars or other events visit our web site at"

The East Bay seminars will cover asset management aimed at planning for retirement and ways to maximize savings on taxes. Other important subjects will include estate planning, long term care and life insurance, risk management and preservation of savings. Questions from the audience will also be included during the 1 1/2 hour presentation. Pat Vitucci also hosts"YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE" , on Saturdays, 8a-9a on Talk 910 in San Francisco and KSRO in Santa Rosa. This program is heard throughout the Bay Area.

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About Pat Vitucci Independent financial advisor Pat Vitucci has provided financial advice for several radio and television stations in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years. He also conducts seminars with other well known media personalities such as Len Tillem, Michael Finney, Bill Wattenburg, Gil Gross and others. Pat has also lectured at many organizations, both civic and fraternal, and at numerous corporate-sponsored events.

Pat’s mantra—“Don’t Invest And Forget”™—is not only the title of his book, but it is also the foundation of Vitucci & Associates Insurance Services. Additionally, it’s a reflection of how he manages his investments with an active asset allocation method of continually evaluating and redeploying clients’ portfolios based upon changing market conditions. Pat Vitucci has been an active leader in the financial services industry for more than 30 years. He has served in various capacities in his corporate life, including being President of Broker Relations and President of a subsidiary of a major financial corporation. He lives in Alamo and studied at Monmouth University in New Jersey, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics.

Securities and advisory services offered through National Planning Corporation (NPC), member FINRA, SIPC, and a Registered Investment Advisor. Pasquale Vitucci, CA Insurance Lic. # 0758212, is an Endorsed Agent of Vitucci & Associates Insurance Services CA Insurance Lic. # 0I06319. Vitucci & Associates Insurance Services and NPC are separate and unrelated companies. Asset allocation cannot ensure a profit or protect against a loss. Brian Sussman is not a representative of NPC. 84034


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