FindToto Locates Another Missing Dog In Minutes With Their Missing Pet Alert Service

Brentwood, California (EastBayDaily) — Ryan Peebles of San Clemente, CA spent an entire night and day looking for his lost dog a Jack Russell Terrier, Kiley, after she cleverly escaped their home on June 6th. Panic set in quickly as they hit the 24 hour mark and he knew he needed to act fast.

Kiley was found within two hours of the FindToto alerts going out to the neighborhood and the happy reunion left Ryan and his family speechless.

Ryan discovered while searching at his local animal shelter. FindToto is the Nation’s only Emergency Phone Alert service that helps pet owners find their lost pets. FindToto sent out a 30 second alert message to the surrounding 2,500 neighbors in the area.

Those neighbors heard a detailed description of Kiley and out how to Ryan if they knew anything. “I received a couple of calls immediately after the alert began; people just calling to inquire regarding the exact location where I lost her.” says Peebles. As they searched the neighborhood they continued to hear from neighbors who had heard the Toto alert.

“Then I received a call from a woman who had just returned home and listened to the alert on her answering machine. She just finished giving my dog a walk!” said Peebles.

In our busy society snail mail and lost pet fliers are a thing of the past. Modern technology has given FindToto the opportunity to change the pet finding world. With over an 82% success rate, FindToto is facilitating happy reunions every day. Since over 7 million pets going missing in the U.S. each year people need to know that this service exists.

Visit or call Toll Free – 1-877-PET-TOTO (877-738-8686)


Colleen Bush