Finis Inc. Signs American National Champion, 2-Time Water Polo Olympic Games Star and USA Captain Tony Azevedo

Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — Tony Azevedo, two time Olympian, European professional, and widely regarded as the best modern American water polo player signed a multi year development deal with Finis in Cremona, Italy on November 22, 2006. Eric Quesada, brand director for Finis Water Polo was on hand for the signing and will work closely with Tony to promote the Finis range of water polo products. The Azevedo signature series of products, apparel and accessories will be available in the spring of 2007.

"By spending time with Tony in Long Beach California and in Italy, Finis will bring to the USA highlights and insights of America's premier water polo player Tony Azevedo and his experiences in the European Water Polo League. Tony's style of play, integrity and love of the game will be used to promote and grow a range of products for athletes and fans to show their support of the game. Water polo is the oldest Olympic Team Sport first appearing in the Olympic Games of 1900 held in Paris France. We look forward to bringing a unique collaboration of talents and passions to the water polo community," said Eric Quesada

"Tony is the ideal athlete and ambassador for a sport that is growing in the USA for boys and girls, men and women at the club, high school, college and masters levels. With Eric's keen eye for fashion and knowledge of the game as a former player himself, combined with Tony's youth and enthusiasm we intend to embrace the water polo community and provide a high quality design level range of products previously unavailable," said John Mix, President of Finis and former water polo player.

About Finis, Inc: Founded in 1993 by John Mix and Olympic Gold Medalist, Pablo Morales, Finis, Inc. develops the most technologically advanced training equipment for the swimming community. Finis is also a proud sponsor of Olympic swimmer and World Record Holder Jade Edmistone. From competitive swimwear and technical training equipment to high-end competitive swim goggles and children's water confidence products including Waterproof Kids and Baby Steps, FINIS offers something for swimmers of all abilities to improve their technique and add to their enjoyment of being in the water. Brands owned and operated by Finis include: FINIS, SwiMP3, Zoomers, Lane 4, and Water Pals.