FireEar Recommended by Fire Chiefs To Increase Effectiveness of Smoke Alarms In Recognition of National Fire Prevention Week

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — In keeping with the celebration of National Fire Prevention Week’s theme, October 3-9, “Smoke Alarms, A Sound You Can Live With,” fire chiefs have endorsed the FireEar home alarm system as greatly amplifying the effectiveness of smoke alarms.

“Central fire alarm systems can save lives, in particular with seniors and teenagers, and homes, especially when you are away from your primary residence or second home,” notes Fred Postel, San Francisco and West Sacramento Fire Department Chief for 35 years. “FireEar is one of the most affordable central professional fire alarm systems that leverage the effectiveness of smoke alarms that have reduced deaths by fire by 70 plus percent.”

“And with the new building codes that prohibit anti-freeze from fire extinguisher systems, monitoring temperature in homes is more important than ever in cold environments to prevent fire prevention systems from freezing, rendering them useless. FireEar offers both professional fire alarm service and temperature alerts for homeowners, a double win,” Postel added.

FireEar’s FE-1100 Monitor provides four-way protection from fire, indoor freeze, power outage and temperature damage by relaying instantaneous alerts via email, text and phone, helping prevent future loss when away from a residence. Applying its patent-pending technology, FireEar’s FE-1100 monitor and alert system is equipped with wireless features to work with pre-existing smoke detectors so there are no installation fees associated with the simple and easy setup and use.

FireEar delivers affordable protection to the 96% of homeowners who have smoke detectors but also need to have the ability to be notified when there is an emergency and they are not home. For FireEar’s insurance partners and customers alike, FireEar products provide a cost-effective, valuable service that is well worth the investment.

FireEar has launched a partnership program to provide home safety and money savings benefits to clients of Insurance companies. Mark Goodfriend, FireEar Corporation CEO, explained: “FireEar is one of the few simple to install and very affordable home protection products, that can pay for itself and make the homeowner money by qualifying them for insurance premium discounts. More importantly, FireEar’s professional monitoring service can improve the response times to emergencies and thus save lives.”

The FireEar FE-1100 monitor, recently named International CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree, is a simple home monitoring device that works with the FireEar notification service to monitor the home for fire, power outages, indoor freezing and other abnormal temperatures. The temperature alerts can help lower the homeowner’s energy bill and prevent pipe freezes. Fire detection alerts are activated by listening to the customer’s existing smoke detector. Homeowners are notified of alerts by phone, text message and email, with additional professional monitoring available for fire that contacts FireEar agents and the fire department.

Homeowners seeking both fire and freeze protection and insurance discounts can purchase FireEar directly by contacting FireEar at 888-472-1080 or, installing the professional monitoring system, receiving a certificate and presenting it to their home insurance agent. Discounts vary per insurance company from 5 to 11 percent. Insurance agents can offer their clients by contacting FireEar and learning more about additional incentives FireEar can offer both them and their customers.


FireEar Corporation is recognized as a leader in home safety monitoring solutions for residences. Founded in 2007 with headquarters in Mountain View, California, FireEar’s mission is to develop products for consumers delivering advanced fire, indoor freeze, power and temperature safety alerts through its flagship product, the award-winning FE-1100 monitor and alert system. FireEar’s central monitoring station is an industry leader in response time and has been selected by government sites including the U.S. Secret Service. FireEar’s partner program includes leading associations such as the Insurance Brokers and Agents of the West (IBA West) and is endorsed by the president of the San Francisco Fire Commission. More information can be found at


Gloria Reiss