First Rate Property Inspection in the Bay Area Focuses and Offers Advice on Tilt-Ups

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — With more than 30 years of experience inspecting commercial and residential properties, First Rate Property Inspection provides top quality inspection services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now, First Rate Property Inspection would like to discuss and educate consumers about tilt-ups. Concrete tilt-ups are the most common type of modern low-rise industrial and commercial construction in California.

“Tilt-up buildings provide large, easily modified interior spaces, making them very flexible for different uses over their lifespans,” Roger Robinson of First Rate Property Inspection said. “These buildings are relatively easy to take care of. With periodic reviews of building conditions and a consistent maintenance program, costs to repair and upgrade systems can be scheduled to prevent interruptions to business operations and budgets.”

Tilt-up buildings are an economical form of construction that have evolved for more than 40 years. They are constructed of precast concrete panels that are cast on the ground and then lifted or tilted into place to form the building’s walls. Horizontal wooden ledgers are typically attached onto the insides of the tilt-up walls and plywood is nailed to this ledger. The plywood-framed roof also supports the walls vertically, and the vertical concrete panels are connected to each other with steel fasteners or braces.

When in need of a thorough home inspection, commercial-property inspection, repair estimates, reserve studies, floor plans or project management, rely on the first-rate services of Roger Robinson and his team at First Rate Property Inspection. They provide inspections throughout California and other Western states to create a network of highly qualified commercial inspectors nationwide.

“First Rate Inspectors are very familiar with seismic, hurricane, site stability and other structural issues. We will recommend an additional engineering evaluation if there are indications of needed corrections or upgrades. We can provide an engineering evaluation either as part of our original inspection or when we observe serious potential hazards during our inspection,” Robinson said.

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