Flick a Switch for Evening Excitement: The Edison Outdoor Lighting Package


Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Lumiere Electric, an electrical contractor serving the San Francisco Bay Area, recently introduced its Edison Outdoor Lighting Package, an all-inclusive landscape lighting design and build service. It will bring a thrilling visual experience to homeowners at night.

Once installed, the Edison Outdoor Lighting Package can “transform a person’s home environment with a mere flick of a switch,” said Martin Ortega, Lumiere Electric’s owner. “Outdoor lighting can create a special ambiance or highlight a unique garden feature for any residence. The Edison Package also promotes safety and security and will add financial value to most bay area homes.”

"For those looking for a smart home investment," he added, "outdoor lighting is an opportunity to increase a home's net worth whether you're staying put or decide on selling it."

Indeed, various studies have shown that a sophisticated landscaping lighting job can increase a home's financial value while making a lasting impression. Ortega went on to express many other advantages of outdoor lighting: enhanced evening curb appeal; greater peace of mind when a path, yard or entire home is illuminated; and a perfect way to enhance an evening celebration by lighting up an outdoor party or intimate dinner celebration.

“Outdoor lighting makes a newly landscaped yard, which is so beautiful during the day – equally appealing at night,” Ortega emphasized. “It's a collaborative experience,” he added. “People put their unique stamp on the lighting design process by getting directly involved. That way, the bold look of a garden flooded with light or subtly lit up, captures exactly what someone wants.”

The Edison Outdoor Lighting Package includes:     An initial design consultation to discuss the lighting effects a homeowner want to achieve     A comprehensive plan that includes technical and aesthetic ideas for success     An onsite design session to explore the look and feel desired     A professionally-installed, low-voltage LED lighting system to save energy while creating a visually satisfying experience

Ortega emphasized the many benefits of using LED lighting. A LED bulb, for example, can have a 30-year life span, burn brightly for 25,000 hours and has an operational cost that is 50% less than a comparable CFL. LEDs are a green technology with many bulbs on the market today made from 100% recyclable materials.

“Most people may not realize that executing an outdoor lighting job properly requires several steps,” Ortega explained. “A person could easily do it haphazardly and fall short of the goal, but that’s not what homeowners want.”

Lumiere Electric’s process involves an initial meeting with a homeowner to discuss lighting design goals; a lighting plan with a range of dramatic and/or subtle lighting effects; onsite collaboration with the homeowner to explore different lighting effects; and last, lighting is installed for an enduring night-time viewing experience.

The Edison Outdoor Lighting package was designed to give homeowners a lasting outdoor lighting experience. “It’s a design-and-build outdoor lighting service that is comprehensive,” Ortega explained. “We cover the necessary steps to ensure that every Edison customer gets a technically sound lighting job – one that is visually stunning each and every time they turn the outdoor lights on.”

Contact: Lumiere Electric martin-ortega(at)att(dot)net 510-326-0696


Martin Ortega
Lumiere Electric