FlickIM Makes Even the Most Boring Chats Exciting

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — FlickIM has just released an entirely new chat service as a direct response to the requests of its users. Building upon the success of its popular and innovative iPhone chat client, this Desktop version of the chat program supports AIM, MSN, Yahoo! Chat, Google Chat, ICQ, and Jabber. Additionally, a host of new sharing features have been integrated, including app support, a stylish interface and an open-API architecture to allow for third-party development. Aiming to functionally enrich the online chat experience for all, this FlickIM application is accessible via any web browser. Since no software download is required, FlickIM can successfully circumvent firewalls that would otherwise restrict chat services.

Inspired by the company’s philosophy of user feedback-driven “democratic development”, FlickIM Desktop was engineered to expand instant messaging communication and effectively re-envision the format of a chat client. Included in the first release of FlickIM Desktop is an easy photo-sharing feature which instantly uploads photos selected by the user to FlickIM’s secure database, allowing for unprecedentedly quick image sharing free of the typical latency associated with individual upload/download transfers.

A variety of widgets are also being integrated into the feature set, including Facebook status monitoring, a music recommendation search engine powered by Last.fm, a Yelp food/activity search engine and an events recommendation tool powered by LiveNation. In an effort to further encourage the conceptual participation of its users, FlickIM designed a development platform, allowing users to build their own apps.

Upholding the aesthetic standard set by the iPhone FlickIM app, the design team took further creative liberties with FlickIM Desktop. The result is a fresh yet distinctly Apple-esque look and feel that, despite the host of new features it includes, is both appealing and easily navigable.

About FlickIM FlickIM was created on July 15, 2007 by a team of young entrepreneurs in Berkeley, California. The service was originally launched to enable iPhone users the ability to chat via AIM because of Apple’s decision not to include an integrated chat app, and has since expanded to support Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari web browsers. With each product release and feature rollout, the FlickIM platform continues to improve the online communication experience.


Tyler Dikman