Foghorn Consulting Announces Foghorn Web Services℠ and Cloud Accelerator Package

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Foghorn Consulting, a leading enterprise IT consultancy and service provider based in the Silicon Valley, announced that it has released Foghorn Web Services℠, its newest set of enterprise ready cloud services powered by Amazon Web Services.

In addition, Foghorn announced that it has released the Foghorn Cloud Accelerator Package which bundles cloud consulting and managed services to assist companies in optimizing their public cloud environment.

“Through our membership in the Amazon Partner Network as an AWS Consulting Partner, we have been able to help companies enhance their business agility by moving appropriate workloads to the public cloud,” said Alex Roosakos, Foghorn’s co-founder and Principal. “Now, by leveraging Foghorn Web Services, our customers can apply their ongoing focus to the applications that differentiate their business, instead of the infrastructure that those applications run on.”

Foghorn Web Services and the Cloud Accelerator Package satisfy the needs of startups as well as the more established enterprise.

“Today’s startups are born in the public cloud which provides an incredibly cost efficient mechanism to launch a business,” said Roosakos. “But managing that cloud infrastructure becomes more of a requirement as the business scales which is where Foghorn Web Services fits in.”

For the enterprise, Foghorn has a unique ability to apply business level perspective to its customers’ cloud environments. Customers benefit from this by receiving insight and visibility into how their cloud environment can be optimized to produce business value. “The evolution and maturation of public cloud computing is providing CIO’s an invaluable tool in an increasingly competitive business environment,” said Roosakos. “Our ability to give CIO’s business level visibility to their public cloud environment closes the loop on the public cloud value proposition.”

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