Ford CVT Rebuilt Transmissions Now for Sale at U.S. Gearbox Rebuilding Company Online

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — The CVT transmission series is now one alternative that automakers are providing to car owners seeking different transmission controls in vehicles. The Powertrain Pros company is now selling Ford CVT rebuilt transmissions on its website in the U.S. at

These constantly variable transmission units are new technologies that some vehicle manufacturers are adding to production schedules for transmissions in North America. This technology is currently used by Ford Motor Company as well as some foreign automakers to upgrade the shifting technologies for automobiles.

The remanufactured transmissions that are included in the Ford inventory now featured online are each paired with the Powertrain Pros company warranty plans. The CVT transmissions are rebuilt to extend a level of 24 months of unlimited mileage coverage to each buyer in the United States.

"The increased inventory this year for manual, automatic and alternative transmission types is one source that has attracted more buyers to our website," said a source from the company.

The Ford CVT gearbox inventory currently announced for sale online is in addition to other Ford Motor Company transmissions now included in the rebuilt inventory this year. The Powerstroke E4OD and 4R100 diesel gearboxes are now a part of the shippable units to expand the gasoline and diesel engine compatible transmissions inventory.

"All sale pricing for each transmission unit in stock is delivered with the use of the automated price system installed for 2014 online," the source confirmed.

New automated tools are now placed on the company website to generate easier access to pricing and inventory information to interested buyers online. Users of the company website who are not utilizing these tools can still rely upon the customer order number at 1-888-292-8807 in the USA.

Daily inventory adjustments are now featured with the automated tools to keep inventory accurate for buyers. These adjustments include the same price and stock level information that buyers receive when calling the toll-free customer order number.


The company is one of the growing transmission rebuilding companies in North America. This company has added a new building staff this year to provide all of the solutions for restoring replacement transmissions. The company has modified all of the solutions on the company website to present easier access to all transmissions for sale. A phone system is now used in combination with the online tools available for price research to ensure all buyers receive immediate price data for all rebuilt gearboxes in stock.


Jayson Barnes