Forever Redwood Promotes Restoration Forestry and Sustainable Redwood Furniture by Encouraging Customers to Share their Photos

Richmond, California (EastBayDaily) — Redwood trees, also known as sequoias, are iconic to California's natural history. With many Coast Redwoods living up to 2,000 years, the trees are generational regulars among the continuously-developing California landscape. Durable Redwood Furniture crafters, Forever Redwood, recently set out to reveal the everyday beauty found in these sustainable resources.

Since 1999, Forever Redwood has crafted some of the finest outdoor furniture made entirely of wood harvested from within their Restoration Forestry initiatives. Customers purchasing any of Forever Redwoods’ high-quality furniture pieces, are not just purchasing handcrafted luxury but also supporting the Restoration Forestry movement pioneered by Forever Redwood for the past 10 years.

To showcase the variety and availability of sustainable redwood products, Forever Redwood held an online customer photo contest last year. After receiving over 400 photo submissions and thousands of contributing votes, Forever Redwood Founder and CEO, Raul Hernandez announced today their plans to re-run the photo contest this year, making it an annual event.

“With customers all over the United States, we wanted to find a way to expose the different ways people are incorporating environmentally-conscious furniture into their homes,” CEO, Raul Hernandez explained. “The photo contest was a perfect way to illustrate the beauty of our existing wood furniture, while sparking creativity for future pieces among potential new customers.”

Last year’s Grand Prize winner, Kari H. from Cardiff by the Sea, CA took home a $3,000 paycheck for a backyard photo of her Forever Redwood armchairs. In second, a beautifully-displayed set of Adirondack chairs surrounded by wooden planter boxes took home the prize of $2,000 and finally, a family photo of a smiling toddler in a Forever Redwoods wooden swing placed third with a prize of $1,000.

Forever Redwood offers a wide variety of durable outdoor furniture products including wooden swings, shower benches, wooden planters, picnic tables, pergola kits, and more. All of their products employ a classic, rustic design that not only beautifies a backyard or deck but serves as a great conversation starter about how to help the environment.

For more information about restoration forestry or any of Forever Redwood’s services, call them at (888) 492-0872, view them on the web at, or visit their forest located at 33800 Annapolis Road, Annapolis, CA 95412

About Forever Redwood Forever Redwood of California is an indoor and outdoor furniture store in California that specializes in wooden planters, wooden swings, picnic tables, pergola kits, shower benches, and other custom furniture pieces. Forever Redwood’s parent company, Old-Growth Again Restoration Forestry, Inc. (OGA), was founded to restore and manage forest land within a growing restorative business model (ecology and economy). Forever Redwood serves the San Francisco Bay Area and the nation.


Warren Linney