Former U.S. Marine Launches Medicinal Cannabis Super PAC

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Joe Houston, a former U.S. Marine in Oakland has launched the Medicinal Cannabis Super PAC (MediCann). A federally registered political action committee, and 501c(4), MediCann is dedicated to campaigning for the federal legalization of medicinal cannabis, and aims to give law-abiding Americans access to the medicine they need.

“At Medicinal Cannabis Super PAC, we deeply understand and greatly appreciate the role that medicinal cannabis plays in our healthcare system,” says Houston. “Every day medicinal cannabis remains federally illegal, is another day millions of Americans lack access to the medicine they need.”

As much as 86% percent of Americans* believe doctors should be allowed to prescribe cannabis to patients suffering from serious illness. With such widespread support for the federal legalization of medicinal cannabis, it is clear that this country is ready for a change.

“We are campaigning for the federal legalization of medicinal cannabis to help protect patients, physicians, and small business owners,” says a spokesperson for the Super PAC, Lauren Mueller. “Though medicinal cannabis is legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia, law-abiding citizens in these states are still facing serious federal penalties, and even jail sentences. We need to make medicinal cannabis federally legal in order to both protect our citizens and allow this medicine to become available to patients in need.”

The Medicinal Cannabis Super PAC hit the ground running this past December and has been gaining momentum ever since. To learn more, donate, or to get involved, visit our website, and find us on Facebook or on Twitter @MedCannSuperPAC.

*CBS News Poll 1/23/14


Lauren Mueller