Forty Forty, 2DA Announce Joint Venture for World Cup and Summer Olympic Branding Opportunities in Brazil

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Forty Forty, a U.S. based brand and experience agency, and 2DA, a prominent Brazilian branding and design agency, will join forces to work on upcoming branding opportunities in advance of both the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Brazil. The joint venture will unite two culturally complimentary agencies, in two different locations, with one common goal. In a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity, the country of Brazil will be home to two international events within two years. Brands will have an unprecedented opportunity to gain exposure during both the World Cup and Summer Olympics, with over a billion impressions at stake.

While many companies pursue traditional official sponsorship opportunities through large sports marketing agencies, this new partnership will take a fresh and less costly approach. Forty Forty and 2DA are united to better serve mid-sized US and Brazilian companies looking to get maximum dollar exposure at the World Cup and Summer Olympics without a multi-million dollar budget.

Forty Forty and 2DA will be providing a comprehensive range of services from strategic brand exposure to in-market activation in order to give brands visibility before, during and after the World Cup and Summer Olympic Games. This partnership will also allow brands to receive a cross-cultural perspective from the agencies as well as full implementation services.

“Few countries have ever had the historic opportunity Brazil is having now — to host two of the biggest sports events in the world in a row. Besides the sports events, this is certainly a unique time for Brazil, especially with our economy heating up and the new growth opportunities. Companies can take advantage of this time and make history, expand their market and generate deep value for their brands. It’s a great time to start. The business opportunities are not just for sports related companies but for many others from a wide variety of sectors.” – Daniel Guimarães, Founder of 2DA.

“We are extremely excited about this joint venture as there is a huge opportunity for brands to leverage the massive amount of exposure Brazil will have during the World Cup and Olympics. Collaborating with 2DA creates a partnership that will assist companies in both the United States and Brazil in taking advantage of this unique opportunity strategically and experientially” – Scott Drummond, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

About 2DA We transform businesses and ideas into powerful brands. Our greatest challenge is to uncover companies’ authenticity and relevance. That’s how brands start. We develop brand strategies and make it visible through its products and services, environment, communication and behavior, bringing together strategic intention and creativity expression. Branding after all is about clarity.

About Forty Forty In places where consumers, experiences, and advertisers intersect, our goal is the creation of entirely new forms of brand communication. The results are brand appropriate, highly strategic, and designed to specific and measurable business objectives. In our work with entertainment properties and sports brands, we seek to unlock equities and create new revenue streams. And by linking unrelated brands in unexpected combinations, we create powerful new ways to connect with consumers. The result is business and brand growth, fueled by sports, entertainment and lifestyle platforms.


John Intrater