Forward-Thinking CEO Leads Apartment Industry with Recessionary Strategies

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — While dining at the Daily Grill in West L.A., President/CEO Mark Carter noticed that their employee’s tee shirts read, “Deliver Daily”. He couldn’t help but think about this phrase in the context of his own business. For the past 20 years, Carter has been at the helm, navigating Sequoia Equities, Inc., a real estate investment and property management company, to success. Conservative in his investment approach, Carter, against the advice of many industry executives, did not buy when the market was “hot”. Rather, he took this time to make improvements to existing assets, increase tenant services and programs, and build value with an eye toward future opportunities.

Currently, Sequoia Equities owns and manages $1.6B of apartment communities. As a company, Sequoia has shown stability, despite economic turbulence, because of their fiscal responsibility over the past few years. This resiliency has provided the company with a unique position in the marketplace and has allowed Carter and his team, an incredible platform to assist their residents, which brings us back to “Deliver Daily”.

In 2009, Mr. Carter and his team of Senior Executives penned and endorsed an all-inclusive campaign, rightfully titled, “Sequoia Delivers!” designed to emphasize the importance of a consistent daily delivery of innovative services to all customers. Many of the elements of Sequoia Delivers! are truly ground-breaking to the industry and would be seen by traditional landlords as radical and unnecessary. However, that opinion could not be more off target, “Sequoia Delivers! was intended to respond to the unique needs of our customers in a down economy, while ensuring bottom line results through increasing retention and reducing bad debts and delinquency,” Carter said.

Through Sequoia Delivers!, Sequoia Equities residents will be offered a variety of options to do just that.

FLEX Pay now allows Sequoia residents to have automatic rent payment deductions bi-weekly, rather than once a month.

Lease Break Forgiveness eliminates lease termination penalties if residents lose their employment and are forced to move-out.

Guaranteed Rate-Lock incentivizes residents that renew early by assuring them that they will not receive a rental increase.

Instant Application Approval provides same-day responses to prospects, if they demonstrate their ability to pay rent, regardless of a selection of adverse credit activity, including foreclosure.

Finally, Transfer Concierge allows Sequoia employees to seamlessly transfer residents to any community within the Sequoia portfolio, if they need a less expensive rent or are transferred for work. Residents are not required to reapply, pay a new deposit, or transfer their utilities.

Although the campaign is in its early stages, Sequoia Delivers! has already shown incredible potential in its ability to directly impact the success of their individual apartment communities. The elements listed above are just a few of the fundamentals that embody Mr. Carter’s vision. To view more information or find a community near you, please log on to or call (925) 945-0900.


Lisa Trapp
Sequoia Equities, Inc.