Fotobabble and Appbistro Launch Facebook Photo+Voice App for Businesses

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — Fotobabble, an innovator in social media marketing, and Appbistro, a Facebook Business Application Marketplace, today released Fotobabble’s new Talking Facebook Fan Page App, a photo+voice application that enables businesses and nonprofits to power social media marketing activities with Talking Photos (images combined with voice).

The App, offered free for the next 90 days through Appbistro, brings photos to life with the energy and emotion of voice and makes Facebook Fan Pages richer and more engaging. With this release, organizations can also create Talking Slideshows to tell stories with series of narrated photos. Facebook Fan Page administrators can use Talking Photos and Talking Slideshows to create personalized product descriptions, customer testimonials, voice-related contests and other owner- or user-generated content.

Any business, marketing agency, celebrity or nonprofit can now take advantage of Fotobabble’s Talking Facebook Fan Page App to quickly and easily communicate with customers through the power of photos and voice (see here). Easily installed, the App lets an organization or its customer upload a photo, record a message, and share a branded Fotobabble Talking Photo or Talking Slideshow with their fans, friends or family, all without leaving Facebook. Organizations that have successfully deployed the Talking Facebook App include Dogster (Bark Translator), Our 365 (Tickle Me Baby contest), The Blue Light, and Social Loco.

“Fotobabble’s Talking Facebook App provides new tools for businesses and nonprofits to market their goods and services with rich social media content,” says Kamal Shah, CEO and Founder of Fotobabble. “By sharing Talking Photos and Talking Slideshows through Facebook, organizations can engage creatively with customers, promote their brands, and drive ‘Likes’ on their Facebook Fan pages.”

“We’re excited to welcome Fotobabble into the Appbistro Marketplace. They are tapping into a core social layer of Facebook by using photos as the medium for creating and sharing. We’re excited to see how this application engages and amplifies communication between brands and users, and we couldn’t be happier about partnering with them,” said Ryan Merket, CEO of Appbistro.

Fotobabble has pioneered easy, creative solutions for organizations to interact with their customers through social networks and multiple platforms, including web browsers, iPhones, and now through branded Facebook apps and Fan pages. Companies such as NBC Interactive, Saltire Foundation, Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy and a major quick-service restaurant chain have used the Fotobabble platform to leverage the explosion of social media marketing. Easier and faster than video, more expressive and dynamic than photos, and embeddable anywhere on the web, Fotobabble provides organizations a powerful way to connect with their customers and vice versa. The element of voice brings a new level of emotion, engagement and personality that can’t be achieved with static photos alone.

To learn how the Fotobabble Facebook app can benefit a business, marketing agency, or nonprofit, please visit the Fotobabble website or Facebook Fan page, or contact partners(at)fotobabble(dot)com.

About Fotobabble Fotobabble provides social media applications for businesses and nonprofits. Fotobabble’s mobile, web and Facebook applications let users add voice to images in seconds and easily share personalized Talking Photos and Talking Slideshows through Facebook, Twitter, email and other social networks. For more information, visit: Follow us on Twitter @fotobabble. Like us on Facebook at

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