FotoFlexer Introduces the World’s Most Advanced Web-Based Image Editing Solution

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — FotoFlexer, the world’s most advanced Web-based image editing solution, today celebrated the formal launch of the company with the latest version of its online image editing suite — available free for users now at

As opposed to low-cost, low-functionality online photo editing tools and high-cost, highly-complex desktop photo editing tools like Photoshop — FotoFlexer provides the best of both worlds in a free, easy to use and highly-functional online image editing solution. And through integration with Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Picassa and Yahoo! Search, FotoFlexer makes editing images from and within these sites easier and more productive than ever.

What Can I Do With FotoFlexer? FotoFlexer moves far beyond mere photo editing and allows you to edit all of your images, including the ability to personalize your digital photos, edit online images and even apply real-time Webcam effects. FotoFlexer includes the most popular image editing tools, as well as the easy ability to:     Enhance or minimize your body with the “Bulge” or “Pinch” buttons     Beautify images with the “Fix Blemishes” or “Smooth Wrinkles” buttons     Turn any image into a cartoon with the “Cartoonify” feature     Make any image into a Warhol-esque piece of art simply by clicking the “Pop Art” button     And much, much more!

Not only does FotoFlexer surpass the amount of functionality available from basic online photo editing products, but it allows you to easily and intuitively accomplish exactly the effect you want to achieve in less time than any other editing system.

Need proof? See a side-by-side comparison of how long it takes to achieve some of the most popular image editing tasks in FotoFlexer as compared to Photoshop.

How Many Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing Engineers Does it Take… That’s the beauty – we’ve done the work so that you don’t have to! The FotoFlexer team is made up of U.C. Berkeley graduate students and post-graduates with expertise ranging from advanced software engineering, to multimedia/image processing, to artificial intelligence (AI).

The result is FotoFlexer’s patent-pending Predictive Pixel Partitioning (P³) technology, an advanced AI algorithm that provides the core of FotoFlexer’s powerful image editing platform. As opposed to basic Web-based photo editing products that merely emulate the basic features of desktop photo editing products, FotoFlexer’s P³ technology provides action-based image editing – meaning it helps you achieve the exact editing action you intend in far less time than other editing products.

But All My Photos Are Stored in Facebook, Flickr, etc.

FotoFlexer knows that to help people easily edit their images, we must integrate with the places where people keep their images – primarily social networking and image sharing sites. We integrate seamlessly with Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Picassa and Yahoo! Search to enable you to simply access and edit any images stored within these sites. Conversely, FotoFlexer also has a Facebook application that enables you to access and edit any images with FotoFlexer without having to leave the Facebook site.

So not only does our FotoFlexer action-based image editing platform greatly simplify the editing process, but this superior integration with the Web’s greatest repositories of your images allows easier access to the images you want to edit.

Overall, It’s Just Easier. And it Works Better. Oh, and It’s Free. FotoFlexer’s patent-pending P³ technology breaks from the two existing schools of photo editing thought — the low-cost, low-functionality online photo editing tools and the high-cost, highly-complex desktop photo editors like Photoshop – to provide the best of both worlds in a free, easy to use and highly-functional online image editing solution.

In other words, we provide an unparalleled level of functionality for Web-based image editing tools, while maintaining the consistent performance, look and feel of expensive desktop photo editing software.

That’s Enough From Us — What Do Our Users Think? “Photoshop has always intimidated me because it is really hard to learn, and the iPhoto editor that came with my computer just can’t do what I need. FotoFlexer is so much better and easier to use — and free is a great price,” said Vi Do.

“FotoFlexer does a ton of cool stuff, but I admit that right now I’m just having fun using FotoFlexer to mess with my friends’ pictures in Facebook and personalize my own pictures from my Facebook and Flickr accounts,” said Robert Redding.

“FotoFlexer saves me hours of time and does all the work for me. I am absolutely loving FotoFlexer,” said Ryan Larson.

“Photoshop is really expensive and difficult to use, which seems to alienate lots of us (both novice and pro, I would imagine) who want a high-quality, easy to use photo editing application, without spending a fortune. Thanks for not being Photoshop, FotoFlexer,” said Alex Souza.

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