Founder of Exciting, New Social Marketplace Attends UC Berkeley’s Entrepreneurs Roundtable

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Every year, UC Berkeley's Hass School of Business invites some of the nation's most promising entrepreneurs to offer wisdom and insight to Berkeley students on the financial and operational challenges startups face. Founder and CEO of GroupingMall, Jimmie Kirkland, was an honored guest at the annual event on April 16, 2013 and engaged students about becoming not only an entrepreneur, but a successful entrepreneur.

“It was a great privilege to be invited to participate in such a prestigious event,” Kirkland said, as it reminded him about the important role events like the Entrepreneurs Roundtable play in motivating students' lives. "They are where talent is discovered and strategic partnerships are made," he stated.

The Roundtable, located in the SoMa district of San Francisco was an appropriate location given the district's reputation and Kirkland's attachment to it. The SoMa district, the startup mecca of the world, is also home to Kirkland's promising new startup, GroupingMall – the first online marketplace that gives consumers the power to drop prices of products. Consumers get one click of the “Drop Price” button and can ask friends through social media to help them drop prices even more. GroupingMall encourages consumers to advertise merchants through social media in return for lower prices. GroupingMall’s mission is to turn online shopping into a game that uses social media to help consumers save money and merchants increase sales.

At the event, Kirkland told students and fellow entrepreneurs how he overcame challenges to create such an innovative idea. Creating the world's first online marketplace that allows consumers to drop prices of products was not an easy task. He had to work on a shoestring budget and still find the resources to create a scalable technology platform. This was the greatest challenge Kirkland faced and the main topic of the Roundtable discussion. Because of his "bootstrapped" startup experience, he was able to speak volumes about creating a strong platform while working on a limited budget.

As Kirkland was around other smart-minded entrepreneurs at the Roundtable, a rewarding discussion was allowed to take place between them. The information that came from this discussion served as an invaluable source of inspiration for students who had already started their own businesses and those who were planning one. But students were also invited to take part in the discussion, not just listen. Entrepreneurs like Kirkland mindfully engaged the student community to produce a vibrant environment and ultimately rewarding event.

To learn more about Kirkland's exciting new venture, visit GroupingMall online. For further inquiries, send an email to support(at) or call 1-888-341-8372.


Jimmie Kirkland