Four Simple Tips on Finding the Right East Bay Property Management Company for Property Owners

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — When searching for a Property Management Company, its important to look for a few key things so that both sides, particularly the property owner, has better understanding as to what to expect from the property manager and what the property manager should expect from the owner.

1)    Search for what other people about saying about the Property Management Company. In the age of Yelp, Angie’s List, and many other social networks, it should be fairly easy to view public profiles on the property management company. If the potential Property Management Company does not have a minimum of one social profile set up, it may be an indication that the Property Management Company may not be up to speed in today’s rapidly changing world. **ACL Property Management’s note—Depending on the size of the property management company, some disgruntled tenants may choose to voice their opinions on the same site. It’s important to ensure that the reviews that are being read, are those posted by the property owners. While it should be every property manager’s goal to make sure the owners and tenants are happy, sometimes tenants may not feel like they get the customer service they deserve, when in truth the term “deserve” can be objective. As long there are no violations of the law, it may be advisable not to put as much weight into a “complaining” tenants review. If there are more tenant complaints, one should choose to inquire further with the property manager what and why they are receiving tenant complaints.

2)    Accessibility. Is someone available to speak with you or return messages promptly? This is an excellent indicator on how responsive the may be with tenants when they have issues that need attention. Happy tenant’s means a lower rate of turn over which leads to a better bottom line for the property owner both now and in the future.

3)    Make an at home appointment with the Property Manager. Most Property Management firms don’t like to accept a contract until they are fully aware of what the property looks like and how the owner is, regarding the continual upkeep of the property. In short, Property Managers want to make sure the owner is not turning over a home full of potential “headaches” for both parties.

Bonus Tip: Make sure the home is clean and in move in condition. More likely than not, the property manager will provide a list of items that will need to be fixed prior to marketing the property. Once a tenant is occupying the property, there will be calls for items to be repaired. Make sure you play your role to ensure the property is on the track.

Overall, a good property management company is one that keeps the owners goals in mind at all times. Finding a property management company that is low cost/ high quality may be challenging but hopefully between these tips and sites like Yelp, finding a reputable property management company can be easier.

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