Frat, The Newest Website Giving You A Glimpse Into The Incredible World of Fraternity And Sorority Email Listservs!

Canyon, California (EastBayDaily) — Ever wonder what gets discussed on Fraternity (and sometimes Sorority…) listservs? Aside from pornography, photos of last weekend’s hook-up with that chick who pewked in the hallway and the “Booze Run” invite at 2:45 am, some absolutely incredible and completely insane experiences get shared…not to mention who the ENTIRE Fraternity hates, who EVERYONE loves, and which girl has been around the block (or the upstairs hallway) more than once.

Frat E-Mails was created to give you a (99.9% of the time drunk), behind-the-scenes perspective into the world of Frat and to verify every stereotype about anything and everything Greek. The emails will include, but are not limited to, sex, drinking, generally poor decision-making, parties, mayhem, debauchery, girls, sex and drinking.

Inspired by Texts From Last Night, Frat E-Mails took TFLN’s concept of “anonymous, mostly-fictional, one-liner story-telling” to the next level. Our e-mails are more in-depth, thought provoking, stimulating and most importantly…REAL! Every painfully-comedic, bluntly-truthful e-mail you read on this site IS TRUE in some form or another (whether that truth be reality or Fratlore).

There is one drawback to Frat E-Mails…more text to read (Quite frankly, the Government should subsidize this site for encouraging an improvement in writing skills and promoting literacy!). To compensate for the increased time spent reading, Frat E-Mails strongly recommends not paying attention, or completely skipping any and all class, being late to work/taking a longer lunch break, or simply taking the time to enjoy everything Frat E-Mails has to offer! For those of you reading below the 1st Grade level we recommend checking out the Frat Emails Fratty Photos page. Finally, just remember, “Get Fratty and Get inFamous!”


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