Free Software for Launch of Ringtone Media Studio 3 Gives Consumers Customized Mobile Phone Creations : Survey Says: If Ringtones are a Fashion Statement, Majority Claim “Born to Be Wild”

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — To kick off the launch, Avanquest is providing visitors to with an opportunity for a free software trial. Beginning June 10, 2008, a link to download a trial version of Ringtone Media Studio 3 will be available to all visitors who register for the software.

Ringtone Media Studio 3 enables users to create their own ringtones from their existing music collection. In addition to converting their personal music library into ringtones, the creative user can become the DJ and customize unique ringtones from scratch. Ringtone Media Studio provides more than 10,000 different ringtone instrument sounds, videos and photos to create custom cell phone styles.

The software’s unique “online locker” enables cell phone users to easily store and instantaneously send music and ringtones to their mobile phone via text message. Files can also be sent via bluetooth, infrared or cable.

Additionally, Ringtone Media Studio 3 enables users to convert and transfer movies and TV shows to their cell phones, turning their wireless devices into mobile entertainment centers. The software also includes a photo editing program and the ability to download popular games to play on mobile phones. Ringtone Media Studio 3 works with more than 950 mobile phones and all major phone carriers.

Affordably priced at $29.95, the software provides unlimited ringtone possibilities without the ongoing costs associated with downloading many of these features.

“Our research shows that a growing number of consumers consider personalized ringtones a way to define their style and many enjoy the reaction from others when their music choices are overheard,” said Ryan Smith, director of product marketing for Avanquest. “Ringtone Media Studio 3 enables the user to make their own fashion statement, show off their creativity and save money at the same time.”

Ringtone Survey Says

In an effort to learn how ringtone users incorporate technology into their lives, Avanquest surveyed a group of the software’s users. The majority of users who responded were between 26 to 55 years old. Highlights of the survey include:

78 percent of users said they change their ringtones when the mood strikes them, compared to 12 percent responding that they change weekly and 8 percent monthly. 60 percent of the respondents said rock music and sound clips/other recordings make up their ringtone collections. Reggae music ranked the lowest, selected by only one percent of the users. When asked what their current ringtone said about their fashion style, the majority of the respondents appear to be living on the wild side. Respondents described their ringtone selection as music that is: — “Born to be Wild,” 35 percent of ringtone users   — “Safe and Conservative,” 30 percent   — “Hippy at Heart,” 18 percent   — “Trend Setter,” 16 percent The software is available nationwide at major U.S. software retailers and online at

About Avanquest Software

Avanquest Software is a global developer and leading publisher of best-selling personal and professional software designed for PC maintenance, office productivity, communications and mobility worldwide. Avanquest Software products are marketed in over 100 countries, through e-commerce, OEM partnerships and IT resellers. Founded in 1984 as BVRP Software and listed since December 1996 on Euronext (ISIN FR0004026714), Avanquest Software forms part of the Eurolist, NextEconomy segment and SBF 250 index. Additional information on Avanquest Software is available at


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