Fremont Dentist Instills Love of Science and Dentistry in Young Protégés

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Young dental patients, from four years through teens, have a chance to use dental instruments and learn more about the science and practice of dentistry through a unique dental mentoring program sponsored by Fremont Dentist Preet K. Sahota, DDS and her family dental practice “Smile Matters”. The emPOWER One program is based on the idea that “the only way to empower anyone is by changing ONE person, ourselves.”

emPOWER One is an educational program started by Preet K. Sahota BDS, DDS, but it’s about far more than education. In keeping with the program’s aim to get kids interested in science and dentistry, the program includes hands-on activities and talks that are intended to be fun and interesting, not just dry lectures about science and dentistry. “The joy and curiosity that holding an air water syringe brings to a four-year-old’s eyes is priceless!” Dr. Sahota says.

While it may sound unusual for a young child to be using a dental instrument, that is a big part of the program. “Generally,” Sahota says, “with every well check routine visit, each kid or young adult is engaged in dialogue and is allowed to try out our instruments under supervision. Lasers, CAD cams, impression doughs and plaster are very stimulating.”

Older kids also have access to guidance, help, and the opportunity to be a dental assistant, whether they intend to become a dental professional or not. Says Sahota, “We would like for dentistry to be on the list of things our patients would ‘love’ to do. We hope that our passion for it will be infectious! Work and play should have no distinction.”

The emPOWER One program is available to patients of Smile Matters and other young people in the area who have an interest in science and/or dentistry. Learning and motivational study sessions are held monthly for the members of mentoring program.

For more information on the emPOWER one mentoring program, contact Smile Matters at (510) 744-1414.

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Preet K. Sahota, DDS
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