Friendship is Secret Weapon in Kathryn Moreno’s New Supernatural Novel

Richmond, California (EastBayDaily) — In the new supernatural thriller Midnight (published by AuthorHouse), by Kathryn Moreno, five young friends must discover the secret behind both the vicious attacks on their parents and the sudden inexplicable changes they find themselves undergoing. Set in the always-stressful years of high school, Moreno’s characters are instantly relatable to young adult readers.

Caleb A Deux, Leion Kenedy, Dean Zounds, Armand Santiago and Zahir Forrest are childhood friends. They’ve gone all through school together, played sports together and attended school dances together. When they learn that Armand’s father has been killed, they all rush home to find their own parents have been attacked. Even worse, Zahir and Armand are taken by illicit police officers – but they’re not police officers. They take them to an abandoned warehouse and torture them. The other three friends barely arrive in time.

The friends are being hunted. Their secret is now known, and they have to use all of their skill, friendship and guile to remain free and protect their identities as young vampires and werewolves. They’ll soon get their full powers, an event the hunters want to stop from happening.

What follows is a pulse-pounding adventure as the friends and their families try to evade the hunters and find the secret spells necessary to secure their future. Readers are sure to find a character to relate to. “Midnight has a little of everything,” says Moreno. “The characters are incredibly lovable and funny.”

About the Author Kathryn Moreno was born and raised in San Francisco, where she was introduced to vampires, werewolves, zombies and everything supernatural at a very young age. Because of this she has been able to write about the supernatural as if she lived in it. Moreno attends College of Marin, where she hopes to continue her childhood dream of working in the medical field. Midnight is her first novel, and she is currently working on other stories that she has posted online for everyone’s enjoyment: Moreno lives in San Pablo, California with her parents and brother.

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