From Immigrant to Innovator: Modern Surface Chemistry Pioneer Speaks out in New Book

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — The late 20th century was a period of scientific evolution that produced exponential increases in standards of living, quality of life and life expectancy. During this time, author and renowned scientist Gabor Somorjai shaped the fields of modern surface chemistry and catalysis.

His discoveries over the past 50 years have supported advancements in:     Microelectronics     Data storage materials     Communication and information technology     Energy storage and transformation technology     Tools and techniques for analyzing organs and bones Somorjai tells how he became a leader in his field in his autobiography, “An American Scientist.” The book starts from the beginning, detailing the horrors Somorjai encountered during the Holocaust, Stalinist era, and ensuing Hungarian Revolution. It then follows his family on their journey to America, where Somorjai ultimately thrived in the golden age of science and technology.

Somorjai shares his inspiring story with the hope that his journey will inspire others to embrace science.

“Like all immigrants, I faced cultural and professional challenges, the outcomes of which often determined success or failure,” Somorjai said. “I was fortunate to have made good choices that gave me the self-confidence to take risks, be creative, and recognize rewarding opportunities."

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“An American Scientist” By Gabor Somorjai, with Mitch Jacoby ISBN: 978-1-48080-147-9 Available in hardcover and e-book formats

About the author Gabor Somorjai escaped the Holocaust in Hungary and made his way to Berkeley, Calif., where for 50 years he and his students set the foundation of modern surface science. He has written four books, published more than 1,000 scholarly articles, and trained 400 research assistants in this critically important field. Gabor is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and is a recipient of the National Medal of Science.


Lauren Cascio