Fuzion Scooter Revolutionizes the Concept of Scooter Riding; Front Dual Compression and Rear Leaf Springs Mean Big Air and Smoother Landings

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — Although the JumpX isn’t available in stores yet, first production units are now available for a limited time only through the JumpX Kickstarter campaign. This new scooter concept has a lot of momentum and great response from U.S., Asian and European retailers.

The JumpX has adjustable front dual compression springs and a steel rear leaf spring which allows a rider to make explosive vertical jumps and smoother, cushioned landings. This design allows riders to cruise over a variety of terrains, similar to a full suspension bike, and get big air at the same time. Kids who have had a chance to try it have loved how intuitive and fun it is to ride.

The JumpX is constructed of high quality materials such as aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum deck, 110 mm cast PU and ABS core wheels, and a chrome steel fork.

On March 4th, Fuzion Scooters launched a four week JumpX Kickstarter campaign with a $20,000 goal. If successfully funded these funds will go towards speeding up the first production order. The campaign is already over 55% to goal! To order the JumpX and support the Kickstarter project check it out before the end of March. The JumpX is expected in stores mid-April.

Over the years there has been very little innovation in scooter product design despite the growing popularity of scooter riding. Kids have always embraced scooters as a fun recreation and a way to show off their tricks and skills. The new JumpX brings more fun to street cruising and performing tricks.

ABOUT Fuzion Scooters and co-inventors Kameron and Kyle Swinney Kameron and Kyle know their way around a garage as self-professed “gear heads”. What started out as a father-son past time around cars expanded into action sports and turned into a race between brothers to create the perfect scooter ride.A couple years ago, when messing around in the backyard, Kameron jumped on the rear suspension leaf spring of an old car. It got the wheels turning and he set out on a more than two year journey to create a scooter ride that would deliver big air jumps and stability at cruising speeds.

Kameron and Kyle’s early prototypes were built with their own hands. They used the construction and welding tools in their garage and scrap materials lying around. In order to bring the product to market they found the right fit by partnering with Fuzion Scooter.

Fuzion Scooter shares the same love for scooters and for wheeled design innovation. Fuzion products are known for their commitment to cutting edge design and manufacturing.


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