Fylcloud Launch Virtual File Sharing for High Value Files

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — The business world is about to gain a powerful tool for online business collaboration with the release of fylcloud v.1. The release creates a virtual meeting place for entrepreneurs or business colleagues to communicate, collaborate on projects, or track and share files.

Fylcloud has a variety of applications to business with features that facilitate project management, task delegation, teamwork and exchange of ideas in a completely customizable package.

Fylcloud v.1 features include:     Project Collaboration      File Sharing     File Encryption     Notifications     Comment Thread     Contact Rolodex     Appointment Calendar     Schedule Project Deadlines     File & Document Tracking      Customizable Interface

Fylcloud co-founder Fernando Aquino said the features in this release are essential to organized and efficient business transaction and communication.

“We sought to bring together all of the most beneficial tools needed for project collaboration so that fylcloud can become the one tool a business needs. It saves time, which in turn saves money. So it’s good for team work but it’s also good for your bottom line. We designed this application not just for our users view but more importantly for our user’s clients,” Aquino said.

Fylcloud’s most useful application is for project management and collaboration. The tools make it especially convenient for parties to work on the same project or file from a variety of geographical locations. It eliminates the need to upload and download large files and images and streamlines communication by eliminating the needless duplication of files.

A comment thread feature tracks commentary much like most social media networks do keeping everyone involved in a project up to date. A notifications feature alerts users when they receive a file or when changes are made to a project. It also features a contact Rolodex and an appointment calendar to keep projects on track to meet important deadlines.

Industries already using fylcloud v.1 are CPA’s, Construction and Creative firms. While fylcloud can be an indispensable tool for business collaboration it also has features for personal use as well. The capability for file storage means users can rid their personal computers of cluttered files and upload them to fylcloud for storage. Files are stored on 256-bit AES encrypted volumes and the filenames are encoded and scrambled assuring the ultimate security.

Whether for business or personal use fylcloud incorporates multi functions in one simple tool. To learn more about the latest fylcloud release visit http://www.fylcloud.com

About fylcloud Fylcloud is a virtual meeting place for collaboration and sharing files. Work with several colleagues on a single project. Reliably transfer high value documents or large transaction files. Comment and make changes to a project or proposal, and then quickly share the documents with colleagues. Instantly access client files any time and anywhere. Fylcloud makes it possible. Visit http://www.fylcloud.com


Fernando Aquino