Get an Education in Textbook Prices and an A+ in Savings With Free iPhone App

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Just in time for a new semester, a free app is turning iPhones into price-checkers and students into educated consumers guaranteed to snag the best buys on new and used textbooks., the online website where visitors compare textbook prices and save, has taken its service ‘mobile’ with the launch of a free iPhone app    

The just-released iPhone app gives students on-demand access to “a comprehensive database of hundreds of websites, thousands of sellers, and millions of books so buyers can compare prices and get the best deal on new and used textbooks,” says company spokesman Jeremy Jung.

“Our users can find the best deals with because our search listings provide the information needed to compare value, as well as price,” reports Jung. “We include details such as coupons that might be available, delivery charges, applicable taxes, and other factors that influence cost.”

The new iPhone app frees students from logging on to the site. “Our app means you can do price comparisons while you’re shopping, rather than leave the store, find a computer, log on, do your research, make your decision, and then go back to the store to make your purchase,” explains Jung.

This makes the new iPhone app from a time-saver as well as a money-saver.

Everything in the Palm of Your Hand’s iPhone app mirrors all website functionality including the iBundle feature. “iBundle allows students to create a virtual bundle of books, utilizing available coupons, combined shipping discounts, and other things to find the lowest possible combination to buy all the new and used books they need,” says Jung. “Depending on how many textbooks students are purchasing, this can result in a substantial savings.”

Both the site and the app have Wish List and Price Alert features that allow students to save books for later, and even be notified when the price drops below a certain point. “This way, students who get an early start purchasing their books can reap even more savings,” says Jung.

Necessity Was the Mother Jung explains that he didn’t launch to make money; he created it as a tool for himself and his friends while he was a student at the University of California in San Diego. “We were all sick and tired of hearing about great deals on new and used textbooks after we had already made our purchases at the campus bookstore,” he explains. “So I started toying with the idea of a way students could compare textbook prices before they plunked down their credit cards.”

The goal was to create a streamlined and efficient textbook price comparison engine so students could find their new and used textbooks for the lowest prices possible, without banner ads, pop-ups, and other aggressive advertising. “We pride ourselves on being free of all of that stuff,” reports Jung. “At, we simply provide what students are looking for…comprehensive searches for cheap textbook prices.”

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About provides on-demand access to a comprehensive database of hundreds of websites, thousands of sellers, and millions of books so buyers can compare prices and get the best deal on new and used textbooks. Users may also download a free iPhone app to take their comparison shopping mobile from the App Store.


Jeremy Jung