Get off the Couch and Take a Run in the Park

Concord, California (EastBayDaily) — Most people do not get out doors enough and/or experience the beauty and nature within their local parks. If that’s you, it’s as easy as searching for the city, county or state parks in your area and go explore!

In the San Francisco Bay Area, the East Bay Regional Park District manages dozens of parks with picnic areas, lakes for boating, fishing or swimming, hiking, biking or running trails, plus numerous other features for recreational pursuits. For example, Point Pinole Regional Shoreline is a quiet gem in Richmond that sticks out into the San Francisco Bay with gorgeous views, eucalyptus tree covered trails, a fishing pier, a small secluded camping area and nice picnic spots. Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley offers dozens of recreational features including; hiking, biking and running trails, an animal petting area, a Carousel, a swimming lake, golf course, picnic areas and more.

Love being outdoors? Love to Run with like-minded people? Love to get a little bit of exercise while enjoying nature? Recreation Connection, Inc has a few perfect activities. With over a handful of 5K and 10K Running events spread out over the next 6 months, the crew from RC, Inc has made these events into not only a great physical activity to keep in shape throughout the Summer months, but they also make it fun for the whole family. With age groups ranging from 10 years of age all the way up to 80 years of age, there is something for everyone and a pace for everyone. Prizes for all age groups, both Men and Women. With varying levels of competitiveness and ability there is no worry of being left behind, or feeling that the level of runner is either too high or too low for you as there is truly a pace for everyone.

As one might guess by the name the races are situated in the beautiful setting of the East Bay Regional Parks – Contra Loma Park, Briones Park, Garin Park, Tilden Park, Redwood Park, and lastly and arguably the most picturesque, Pt. Pinole Park. Get some exercise, enjoy the great East Bay parks with some like-minded people, get some great prizes and giveaways – yes please!

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Brian McCooey
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