Get the Message? Now Get the Picture with FunTweet, A New Way to Visualize Twitter Streams

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — America’s largest mobile content community FunMobility announces today the launch of FunTweet, a web service which turns any Twitter stream into visual messages that are related to the text. FunTweet allows users to post their tweets, but also makes the most basic tweets inspiring, hilarious and fun when the text turns into a matching image.

FunTweet is based on the same underlying technology as the FunMail iPhone application. Since FunMail’s initial iPhone launch in November 2009, the app has been downloaded over 100,000 times and was ranked one of iTunes’ Top 25 Social Networking applications. The company believes FunTweet can become a great public display tool for parties, conferences and other gatherings where live stream messages may be projected.

“A fantastic way to use FunTweet is at a party,” says FunMobility CEO Adam Lavine. “Just leave your page running, and watch as new tweets come in. We expect to see more and more of this at conferences and business dinners also. FunTweet can also be tweaked to be relevant, random, or somewhere in-between – whatever the host would like.”

How FunTweet works:     Sign in at with your Twitter credentials.     FunTweet will slurp your Twitter homepage feed and display each tweet as a FunMail. Users can also enter a @UserName, a #HashTag or a Subject as well.     FunTweet will automatically select one FunMail image to display for each tweet.     If you like the image, click the FunTweet button and it will post to your Twitter page; if you don’t like the image, click “Try Again” and you can choose from other images FunTweet is available now at You can also download the FunMail Android app by viewing Android MarketTM on your Android-compatible handset or clicking for the link. FunMail for iPhone is also free and available for download at the iTunes store, or visit for directions. Anyone can become a FunMail artist by submitting their photography, illustrations, and most anything graphic to the visual library at

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