Gibbons Maintenance Selects Soffront’s Integrated CRM Solution

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Soffront Software Inc.,, a leading provider of CRM software for 18 years, today announced that Gibbons Maintenance, Inc., chose Soffront’s integrated CRM for business control and to facilitate customer communication. Gibbons Maintenance provides janitorial services for commercial buildings. They expect to become a leader in their community with this powerful business tool.

“Now we have a complete customer satisfaction solution,” Harry Tossounian, President says. “Before the solution that Soffront will offer, a customer wasn’t able to communicate quickly and easily with us to make sure work was being done to their satisfaction. We will be able to communicate instantly from the field and have access through the mobile CRM application.”

One key feature of Soffront’s CRM software is its integrated solution. Multiple modules are included in the single subscription price, allowing customers to build collaboration and productivity across the business. No additional add-in modules are required for full functionality. Gibbons Maintenance will be using Soffront’s sales force automation, marketing automation, mobile application and defect tracking. Sales force automation will be used to manage the selling cycle. The marketing automation application will be used for highly targeted marketing campaigns to qualified prospects. Soffront’s defect tracking will allow customers to automate their own service resolution tickets that will boost overall customer satisfaction.

A key reason Gibbons Maintenance chose Soffront was its mobile application for site managers. According to Tossounian, “Now, when our site managers are out doing building inspections, they have access via their iPads to the Soffront CRM and I get reports in real time. I can keep an up to the minute pulse on the business and don’t have to wait for paper reports to be turned in at a later time or have them to come into the office to turn in their work.” Tossounian continued, “Additionally, with Soffront’s easy to customize integrated CRM suite, we felt Soffront offered us the best ROI for our needs”.

About Soffront For over eighteen years, Soffront has provided CRM solutions for small-to- medium sized companies. Compared to other leading CRM providers, Soffront CRM drives more sales by helping sales teams spend more time selling and less time using CRM. Companies that switch to Soffront report significant cost saving by eliminating add-ons, as Soffront’s Integrated CRM contains all of the required functionality. Soffront’s drag and drop customization reduces implementation cost. Soffront CRM provides a higher return on your investment generating more revenue, more savings, and a better user experience. Soffront is privately held, debt-free, and profitable.

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Lisa McLean
Soffront Software, Inc.