Gideon C. Mekwunye Mines Life Experiences To Deliver Heartfelt Novel On Life And Poverty In Africa

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — “There is always light at the end of the tunnel if we don’t give up.” This message is one author Gideon C. Mekwunye implores often, and it’s at the center of his new novel, “Tear Drops” (published by Trafford Publishing).

Based on Mekwunye’s own life, “Tear Drops” is the story of an African family and how they survive life’s perils. Chiwinke, the protagonist and first-born son, is determined to succeed in life and views a fresh start in America as being the ticket out of poverty for him and his family. Readers follow Chiwinke as he embarks on a turbulent mission to America.

Throughout the story, Mekwunye details how strong faith and unyielding courage can help anyone overcoming life’s hurdles.

“Our society today easily snaps under pressure and loses patience,” remarks Mekwunye. “But we have to learn that with patience anyone can cook a stone tender.”

“Tear Drops” By Gideon C. Mekwunye Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 998 pages | ISBN 9781466971523 E-Book | 998 pages | ISBN 9781466971516 Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author Gideon C. Mekwunye was born in 1951 in Lagos, Nigeria, to Stephen C. Mekwunye and Alice Igwe Mekwunye. As a vivacious young man and the first son of a family of eight surviving children, he knew from a young age the task ahead of him. He understood that life would not be a bed of roses and that he carried the responsibility of delivering his family out of poverty. Education and a faith in God were of utmost importance.

Mekwunye studied tenaciously and was accepted into California State University. He graduated with a degree in biochemistry and enjoys music and the culinary arts. “Tear Drops” is his first book.


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