Gift Card Reseller Establishes Community Watch Program to Thwart Fraud

Dublin, California (EastBayDaily) — With gift cards being the number one gift exchange in America, It’s no wonder criminals are finding ways to scam customers. GiftCardBin, an online retailer of gift cards at discounted prices based out of Dublin California, has launched a community watch program to prevent and find scammers.

GiftCardBin has developed its program that is not only confidential, but is also exceptionally quick and easy to use. GiftCardBin seeks to expand on its “a community of friends and family” model to include a “Community Watch” program that will work with the IRS to report information pertaining to the capture of gift card scammers.

As recent as March 2010, A San Leandro couple was indicted for allegedly stealing people’s credit card information, using it to stock up on Nordstrom gift cards and pocketing thousands of dollars in cash refunds from items they purchased using the cards.

“We are expanding on our business model to protect our friends and family (Customers),” states COO, John Topete. “In recent years the gift card industry has slowly developed a wrap of skepticism and doubt. With the heightened awareness of gift card scams, we want to actively seek and report any individuals that look to steal from our community of friends and family.”

GiftCardBin has added a “Community Watch” portion to their new site. GiftCardBin will offer the means for individuals to anonymously submit suspicious activity. GiftCardBin plans on supporting its Community Watch Program through SARs. Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) are one of the government’s main weapons in the battle against money laundering and other financial crimes since these reports generate leads that law enforcement agencies use to initiate money laundering investigations.


John Topete