Gleanster Research Welcomes Ian Michiels as Principal and Managing Director

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Gleanster Research, the new face of analyst market research, is pleased to announce the addition of Ian Michiels, as Managing Director and Principal Analyst. He will also join as a member of the company’s board of directors.

Gleanster Research offers unbiased survey-based thought leadership designed to uncover the best practices of Top Performing companies. Research coverage areas include Marketing, Sales, Social Media, Voice of the Customer, and Business Intelligence. is host to thousands of resources including research reports with vendor rankings, interactive vendor showcases, videos, vetted whitepapers, and analyst reviews.

Michiels will assume a leadership role for overall company direction and day-to-day operations, as well as an analyst role for the company. Prior to Gleanster, Michiels held senior leadership roles at MarketSphere Consulting, a leading technology consultancy, and Aberdeen Group, a market research firm. Most recently Michiels served as the VP of Advisory Services at MarketSphere where he advised senior marketing leaders at Fortune 500 companies like Wells Fargo, Nike, Caesars, and Franklin Templeton.

“I think there’s a huge opportunity to shake up the market research industry,” said Michiels. “Credible research should be accessible and affordable. Everyone is looking for a silver bullet, so exposing how “Top Performing” companies achieve their success is very compelling, especially when it’s accessible and affordable.”

“Gleanster’s methodology and go-to-market approach offer a refreshing blend of market statistics and unbiased recommendations,” said Michiels. “To me, if an analyst firm really knows a space, it should be capable of displaying a full and comprehensive list of vendors that solve similar business challenges. That means covering all vendors on equal ground regardless of size and regardless of the analyst relationship (paid and unpaid). Gleanster democratizes analyst coverage giving all solution providers an opportunity to gain the recognition they deserve.”

Over the next year, Gleanster plans to expand its research coverage into IT Security, Human Capital Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Data Management, and Supply Chain & Procurement. For more information on Gleanster or to download new reports please visit

About Gleanster Gleanster is a new breed of market research and advisory services firm. Its larger, more comprehensive “Gleansight” benchmark research reports and concise, more bite-sized “Deep Dive” analyst reports highlight the experiences of top performing organizations; why they invest in technology, how they overcome challenges, and how they maximize the value of their investments. Gleanster also aggregates outside thought leadership in the form of vetted white papers and research reports from third-party sources, including those from technology solution providers — who, for their part, can create and maintain their own Vendor and Solution Showcases on to help further educate the marketplace. For more information, please visit


Sarah Tebbe