Go Kids Go! GoGo Kabongo’s Online Reading Games Get Kids Playing, Thinking, and Reading

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — Not just another learning game for kids, Kabongo’s unique approach combines casual digital gameplay with the latest research in contemporary cognitive-neuropsychology. It was designed and tested by learning experts to cultivate the thinking and problem solving skills that underlie reading.

Terrell Anderson, CEO of Kabongo, says, “We recognized we had something special here, a truly engaging product that leverages the best of gaming embedded with the best research in cognitive development and helps children build reading skills in a whole new way.”

Designed especially for kids ages 4-7, GoGo Kabongo presents three fun-filled learning habitats: Laughter Lake, Galaxy Garden, and Twister Top. Here children can play challenging online educational games, solve mini-missions, and discover lots of other hidden surprises. Along the way, children will meet a host of friendly characters who are always there to help and share a laugh. Each of GoGo Kabongo’s learning games addresses a specific cognitive skill and adapts to the child’s level, so they are never too easy or too hard, inspiring self-confidence and independent play.

Critical thinking skills children learn and practice with GoGo Kabongo: focus and attention letter and pattern recognition planning listening comprehension phonics and phonetic awareness

As they play and learn, kids are rewarded with cool online collectibles. For instance, kids earn interactive stickers, which they can use to create their very own comic book scenes, or skatepark ramps to build and ride in a custom skate park.

Our first habitat, Laughter Lake is available for free. Additional habitats are offered at an introductory price of $4.95 each – no subscription fees ever!

“After talking with parents of young children, we heard that parents wanted quality online games, but WITHOUT a subscription, something they could just buy and own so their child could play whenever they wanted,” says Teri Rousseau, CMO of Kabongo.

For more information or to play, laugh, and learn visit http://www.kabongo.com.


Teri Rousseau, CMO