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Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — There’s an old adage that says, “Three heads are better than one,” and thanks to the new Gold Price Forecast and Prediction page that has added, investors across the globe will now be able to get gold prices and predictions from a variety of reliable sources.

“Having a vast array of information is the key to making a solid investment and that’s exactly what this new hub page will allow people to do,” said I.M. Vronsky, founding partner and editor in chief for Gold Eagle.

Investors can visit the company’s Gold Price Forecasts and Predictions hub page at:

“This page is an aggregation of gold price forecasts and predictions,” Vronsky stressed, before adding, “It empowers investors with a one stop shop to see gold forecasts from a variety of sources.”

An example of the insights given at the newly added page can be taken from a March 13 post written by Henry Bonner entitled, “Gold To $5,000 In a Few Years.”

Bonner points out in his post that in 1980, when the gold price peaked at $800, it took one ounce of gold to buy the Dow Jones Index. After 1980, financial assets took the lead over hard assets.

In 1999, according to Bonner’s post, it took 44 ounces of gold to buy the Dow Jones, at a gold price of $250.

“If gold were to regain the position it held in 1980, we could easily see a 3:1 ratio – gold at $5,000 given the current level of the Dow Jones, or even $15,000 if gold returns to the 1:1 level,” Bonner wrote. “Ultimately, I believe that the gold price could reach $5,000 within a few years, and perhaps go well beyond. Deficits and rising debts, exacerbated by demographic issues, are here to stay. And money printing and higher gold demand along with them.”, according to Vronsky, offers daily gold, precious metal, and general economic commentary from well-known analysts and writers from around the world.

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